Tuesday, April 1, 2014

With Our Last $20: April 2014 Edition

With Our Last $20 is a feature here at The Broke & The Bookish wherein we answer the prompt of which book we'd purchase with the last $20 left in our pocket for each month -- be it new releases or older books...basically which ever book we'd be so excited to read that we'd be willing to spend the last $20 in our pockets on. I mean, we are The Broke and the Bookish after all. We'd no doubt live up to our name and forgo other things for a new book!

Jamie's Pick:

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page -- oh YES I would be spending the last $20 in my pocket on a Wizard of Oz retelling where Dorothy appears to be a bit cray cray! I've heard some excellent things about it already so ABSOLUTELY this is my pick.

Jen's Pick:

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han - this book comes out this month and I am so excited to read it! If I wrote letters to past crushes and the letters were actually mailed I would probably have an anxiety attack.  But the great thing about books is we can vicariously live through the characters!

A Mad, Wicked Folly
Jana's Pick:

A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller - I've been on a historical romance kick lately, and I love that this one is YA! And this has the whole art class scandal of a girl posing nude and then getting expelled from her French finishing school. There's love and balls and pretty dresses and boys. Count me in! I really want to buy this one!



Bridget's Pick:

The Shining, signed limited edition…I got an email about this baby today. Unfortunately, it would cost a lot more than just my last $20…seeing as it's $900…sigh. Maybe one day.

Tahleen's Pick:

Usually the books I buy nowadays are cookbooks. Today at the library, I saw a brand new cookbook called Olives, Lemons, and Za'atar by Rawia Bishara. I have all of those (za'atar is a Middle Eastern spice blend) in my Armenian-American kitchen, so I would totally spend $20 on a cookbook that has them all together.

Julia's Pick:

Heart of Steel by Meljean Brook - I read the first book in this series ages ago, and I've wanted to continue on with it for quite some time. I think if I had the second one in my hand I would just slam through this series. Steampunk is like my favorite thing at the current moment :)


What book would you spend YOUR last $20 on in April-- new release, something you just found out about that was pubbed awhile ago, etc. 


  1. Good picks and great idea for a post!

  2. I agree with Jamie - I'm so excited to read Dorothy Must Die! There's still no release date for it on Amazon UK so I've ordered it from the States and I can't wait for it to get here.

  3. These all look good but I would have the hardest time choosing between Dorothy Must Die and To All the Boys I've Loved Before! Dorothy looks so good but JENNY HAN!!!!

  4. This blog post is fantastic! I would spend my last $20 on Dorothy Must Die or Out Of The Easy!

  5. I would go with Jen's pick! Which I am too lol But I would also do What I Thought Was True which comes out in two weeks! ~ Nikki

  6. Okay, so I totally just added Dorothy Must Die to my TBR list. This month, with my last $20, I'm totally picking up Dreams of Gods and Monsters. Next Tuesday, baby!

  7. I love the theme of this post! Books will always take my last few cents, and I'm okay with that haha. Gotta go with Jamie on this one - I'm digging all the Oz-related stuff!


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