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Julia Reviews Evertrue by Brodi Ashton

Title/Author: Evertrue by Brodi Ashton
Publisher/Year Published:  Jan 2014 by Balzer and Bray
How I got this book: The Library
Why I read this book: I wanted to finish the series.
Rating: 2 stars

Note: There will be spoilers for the other books in the series in this review, but I'll hide the spoilers for this book under a tag.

Well this book sucked the big one. The others in this series had some of the same issues, but they were really exacerbated in this book. Then take away the one thing that I found really interesting in the series (Cole) and it all just goes to shit.

Evertrue is the final book in the Everneath series, which to be honest is pretty mediocre to bad. The one thing that I really loved in this series was the author's ability to make a character that is seriously unforgivable in his asshatery. I adored the writing of Cole in the other books in the series. I wondered how she would try and redeem him, if she even tried to redeem him.

Instead this book took an overused trope and stripped the most interesting character from the story to leave a bland, overly convenient narrative that wasn't even worth the time I spent reading it. God, I don't even like summarizing this. It's so dumb. Cole disappears when the current queen catches wind that he wants to overthrow her (something Nikki does not want at all) and NIkki's all dying now. Blah.

Nikki and Jack are on a quest to destroy the Everneath so that Nikki can be human again and live her perfect live with a white picket fence, 2.5 children and a dog. The only problem is she needs Cole, who literally holds her heart, to stay alive. 

Seriously the first half of this book is pointless Nikki and Jack running around trying to discover things and only having them turn up in their lap. Like there are so many deus ex machina things that I am surprised my eyes didn't permanently roll into the back of my head. 

Everything was too convenient. Things that needed more explanation were never explained, like a lot of the mythos and what the hell was happening. I really like when characters would disappear and no one would bat an eye. Urgh and it isn't even the worst part.

Cole. Cole. Cole. The ONE thing I really liked about this series. The ONE character written amazingly well in a story of cardboard sludge. COLE gets figuratively murdered by an overused easy way out trope... which I won't rant about because it's a pretty heavy spoiler.

The ending is so predicable, but honestly that didn't have to be a bad thing. I read romance novels for God sake, which is like the pinnacle of predictability. It's the journey that makes it interesting. And this journey sucked. It was like the worst game of Clue ever played. 

So yeah I didn't like this book. I powered through and I'll give it two stars for actually keeping me engaged enough to read it and not skim. It is creative. But it's creative in the most boring way possible.

If you want to read my spoiler-filled review, I put it on my Booklikes. The text is pretty much the same so you can skip to the view spoilers tags. 

Did anyone else read this book? What did you all think? Am I alone in my contempt?


  1. Aw this makes me sad and angry. I really love Cole! He is my shining moment in this series and if he is gone then I will not be happy with this. Sigh maybe I won't read this

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. He is in most of the book... but the characterization we all loved is gone :(

  2. OMG I'm so glad I am not alone. I loved Cole and was so disappointed in the ending. The plot of them destroying this entire world and the queen, it was so far fetched and then they didn't even really do anything monumental to destroy it. I felt like it was all leading up to.....not much. Also, I am so tired of Jack. He was so bland for me :( You can read my review here.

  3. Yes, to all of this. I'm pretty sure my review mirrors your sentiments almost exactly, for similar reasons. I loved Cole, and while I didn't hold out hope for a happy resolution for him and Nikki, I wanted more for his character; he deserved more than what Ashton did to him.


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