Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Cocktail & Conversation--Things To Save!

Every other Thursday here at The Broke & The Bookish is A Cocktail Conversation time. One of the TB&TB members will pose a question to 2-3 of the other members of TB&TB crew about books, life, music, etc and then they'll answer and we can converse about it. So grab a cocktail & cozy up for some conversation. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, friends. 

If your house was on fire, what are some of the bookish and non-bookish things you'd save?

Lauren says...

Firstly I'd grab the wiener dog. He may be crazy/spoiled/spawn of satan at times, but he's almost 8 years old and has been with me through thick and thin. Next would have to be my MacBook Pro. The damn thing cost so much, I would just HAVE to grab it. Plus the boyfriend has his first novel saved on it. As for bookish things, I honestly wouldn't grab anything. I own almost 800 books and it's not like I'd have time to pick and choose any. I've got over 200 ebooks on my Kindle Fire, but then again, I could just buy a new one and re-downloaded the books again. So I guess I've taken the practical route on this question, but then again I was once in my house under a mattress when a tornado ripped through my house. I'm not big on possessions, but it would suck so bad if my damn apartment burned down. 

Jana says...

We're just going to assume my cat is already sitting my car waiting for me with the engine running because I'm really bad at handling stressful situations. Like REALLY bad. Non-bookish would be my photo albums. I would just die if I lost all those memories. (In most cases I'd be like Lauren and grab my laptop, but I have a complete back-up of my computer stored in a fire safe so I've basically already planned for the fiery apocalypse.). Bookishly speaking... I'd probably grab a tote and fill it with favorite books of mine that have been personalized to me by the author (On the Island, The Lunar Chronicles, Kiss of Deception, The Book Thief, etc.). I can always replace books and my Kindle, but those signed books are very special to me. Can we just not have a fire, though, please? Just the idea of it is stressing me out.

Jamie says...

Well besides my husband and my phone (which I'm just assuming this fire takes place at night and my phone is right next to me on the nightstand) and maybe my bra because I'd really like for the whole world not to see me sans bra....I know exactly what I would grab. It would be so tempting to want to grab my computer and some beloved books or some clothes I love but I know those things can be replaced. The pictures would be the hardest thing for me not to grab but they aren't in a very accessible place so that would be pretty devastating. HOWEVER, the bookish thing I would save are the Nancy Drew books my mom gave me -- you can read my whole post about why they are special to me here. And the non-bookish thing is the blanket my stepdad had made for me after my mom passed away that is made from some of my mom's t-shirts . They were all these very iconic t-shirts that just reminds me so much of my mom or ones she wore a lot and I could never replace it EVER so it might seem like a weird thing to grab but I would.

 the books & a peek of the blanket underneath

Discuss: What bookish and non-bookish things would you save from a fire?


  1. I don't know if my laptop would be a bookish thing or not. I mean. I got a ton of e-books on it. And WIPs. But also photos and videos that I would be sad to loose. Plus, it's on my desk which is at the foot of my bed. Essy access. Also would grab my blanket, which my grandmother hand wove.

  2. Dogs and Iguana of course along with children and husband. Then honestly I'd grab the tech: laptop, Nooks, iPad, and phone. For bookish things: I'd try to grab a few of the signed ones. I know which ones they are and would have a hard time meeting those folks again, esp. Holly Black and Cassie Clare! I love them!


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