Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Top Ten Books For People Who Like Character Driven Novels

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Julia's Picks:

1. The Game of Thrones Series by George RR Martin - So this series has plot, and lots of it, but I find myself reading it for the awesome characters that Martin has written. The characters have arc and they really drive the plot along. I think this series wouldn't be nearly as possible without the awesome characters it has.

2. The Name of the Wind and A Wise Mans Fear by Patrick Rothfuss - Both of these are the only two novels completed in Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles. It has a similar path as Martin where there are main characters that drive the plot. In this case the main character is literally telling the story so you get to see him move and change throughout the world.

3. Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros - Moving away from fantasy, Medeiros rights some amazing historical romance. In fact a lot of her books are more character driven and driven by their actions between each other than effected by outside sources. This one is one of my favorites because it is literally a woman and a man in a house learning to love. It's a sort of modernization (to the Regency era) of Beauty and the Beast. It's a good one.

Daisy's Picks:

4. Golden by Jessi Kirby: I LOVED this book, there's so much character development in it and just so much storytelling goodness that I would totally recommend it to pretty much everyone.

5. Emma by Jane Austen: my second favourite Austen novel, but perfect in its characterization of Emma and Mr Knightley and just all of others. I re-read it for book club last year and it was still amazing and I discovered even more things to love about it.

6. Half a King by Joe Abercrombie: so basically Yarvi, the main character in Half a King, reminds me of Tyrion from The A Song of Ice and Fire series, which is about the greatest compliment I can give any character. And I totally loved this book.

Kimberly's Picks:

7. Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta: This story is entirely about the characters' development and their relationships with one another. Everything they learn and do drives the story and the plot. These characters are WONDERFUL.

8. Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard: So much of this story is based on the locations, however much of it is driven by the way our main character, Bria, changes and develops.

9. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: The backdrop of this story is WWII, but it is not the story itself. The story is all about Liesel and the wonderful supporting cast of this book, including it's elusive narrator.

Tahleen's Pick:

10. Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs: This quiet novel is beautifully written. It takes place at a teen summer enrichment camp on a college campus, and not much happens plot-wise, but it is wonderful to watch the development of each character and the relationships they have with one another. I think that is really where Combs excels; her characters are forced to think about their beliefs and privileges, or lack thereof, but in the end can remain close to one another despite differences of opinion or belief. And the writing is lovely.

What books would you add to this list?


  1. Yes. I should have thought of Jellicoe Road. Interesting list.

  2. Emma and Leisel--love, love, love. So many characters and good stories to choose from. I like the list where names stay put, that way I can visit those who are on line the same time I am. I had more return visits than I currently get. Have a nice week! kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  3. I think I prefer the random order. It gives people who are from different parts of the world to be higher up or lower down even if they publish their posts a day later. That way everyone gets a chance.

  4. I definitely agree with Game of Thrones. I feel like I should have included The Book Thief but I can't remember much about it. *hangs head in shame*

    I think random order is good :)

  5. I like the random order. It helps me find new blogs rather than just the usual suspects.

  6. I need to get around to reading The Book Thief! I keep hearing such good things about it.

  7. I never thought about the similarities between the characters of Yarvi (in Half a King) and Tyrion (in Game of Thrones!

    If you are looking for another fantasy character that has a similar kind of the anti-hero / shunned by royalty / witty commentary, I recommend Fitz, who you first meet in Robin Hobb's Assassin's Apprentice.

    I like the random order -- it also helps me to find new blogs rather than just those that visit around the same time as me to add to the linky.

    1. I just finished Assassin's Apprentice and I'm REALLY liking Fitz! :)

  8. Emma is one of the most memorable characters I've read.

    I like random order too!

  9. The only thing I don't like about the random order is that it's difficult to pick up where I leave off when I'm visiting blogs. There are so many participants that I can't visit everyone in one sitting, and the random order makes it difficult to keep track of who I've already visited.

  10. This weeks theme is the perfect thing for me because I am someone who loves character driven novels. I absolutely adored Jellicoe Road and the Book thief <3 I own Emma, but have yet to indulge myself with it. As for Game of Thrones, it is on my shelf as a soon to be read!



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