Monday, August 16, 2010

Julia reviews "My Name is Memory" by Ann Brashares

Title/Author: My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares
Publisher/Year Published: 2010 by Riverhead Hardcover
How I got this book:An inter library loan
Why I read this book: I saw the book listed as a Goodreads giveaway and liked the premise
Rating: 3.5 stars

My Name is Memory is the latest book by author Ann Brashares, most known for her books about traveling legwear. I have never read any of the Pants books and thus this was my first experience with Brashares. This book is about Daniel and Lucy. Daniel is an old soul; he has lived many lives and remembers them all. Lucy is his, for lack of a better word, soul mate, but every time she dies the memory of him dies with her. He has made it his lives goal to reunite them and finally get them the happily ever after they deserve.

Sounds like the making of an epic love story right? The book is broken into sections told in 3rd person, usually featuring the annoyingly perfect protagonist, Lucy, and sections about the past lives told via Daniel and his memory. Early on in the book I lived for these scenes. The seemed like they were written for a different book, initially because the of the contrast between Daniel and living live in ancient Africa and Lucy annoyed that she cooks so well (or something to that effect). But eventually Lucy began to grow a character and I liked her more and thus liked the story more. It's hard to like a story when the character it's centering around is unlikable.

But like I said things started to move. I was on my way to a new favorite. Life was grand. Then the climax came. Ooo nice build up. But wait, Julia says to herself. There are only 30 more pages left. How could this wrap up even remotely well? As I read the last page I was quite dumbfounded. A little investigation found that she is planning on making this a trilogy.

I was quite chagrined. I felt like it was quite possible to wrap it up in one book. It would have been an epic love story. I can't think of any love stories that effectively span a trilogy. But since I want to know what happens I'll read on.

So overall this was a decent story. Sometimes the characters bordered on "too stupid to live" and occasionally the writing felt kind of forced, but mostly I was enjoying finding out what came next and rooting for these two to find their happily ever after.

3.5 stars for this transcendent love.


  1. This sounds really interesting! Although, I really hate when the book is really great and, like you said, on my way to being a favorite and then it just takes a nose dive! I hate being disappointed in that way!

  2. Despite being kind of sad about this book, I would recommend reading it. It was actually an interesting story. I will most likely pick up the sequel. Maybe not as soon as it comes out, but I'll read it eventually.

  3. I just had a total ah-ha moment reading this review. I've seen this book everywhere and thought, Ann Brashares, I think read some books by her in high school. Duh! Of course I did, I read the first two books in the traveling pants series but couldn't get into the third and just stopped. This one sounds kind of interesting though, thanks for the review.

  4. This sounds like a really good book. But I hate it when you read a book not knowing it's part of a series. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  5. I definitely think knowing whether a book is part of a series (planned or otherwise already out) has a big impact on how I view the book while reading and finishing it!

  6. I have this on my to-read list, didn't know it was part of a series either! Like Jamie said, it makes a huge difference if you know or not while reading it.
    I'm now even more convinced I need to read this book (I liked the first two sisterhood books), great review!

  7. I absolutely hate it when I can't stand a character. It pretty much ruins a book for me most of the time, except for Frankenstein, oddly. There I really like the book but HATE the main character (as you all know from last week's Top Ten Tuesday).

  8. I'd heard about this one and had my eye on it...but I've heard mixed reviews. May pick it up if my public library gets a copy ;-) Great review!

  9. You know I have to say now that I think about it, knowing that this was a series (or a potential series) may have increased my enjoyment of it toward the end. I wouldn't have worried so much about wrapping up loose ends. I may have even bumped up my star count to a 4 (a big thing for me)

  10. OMG - Thank you! I had no idea it was going to be a trilogy. I read it last year and when I got to the end I couldn't believe that was it. I agree that it totally could've been wrapped up in one book.


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