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Julia Reviews Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by Sarah MacLean

Title/Author: Never Judge a Lady By Her Cover by Sarah MacLean
Publisher/Year Published: November 2014 by Avon
How I got this book: Library
Why I read this book: It's the final book in a series
Rating: 3 stars

Spoilers from her on out for the first books in this series and the identity of Chase. 

She is the most powerful woman in Britain, 
A queen of the London Underworld ...
But no one can ever know.

He is the only man smart enough to uncover the truth, 
Putting all she has at risk . . .
Including her heart.

The fourth book in New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean’s incredible Rule of Scoundrels/Fallen Angels series. These four dark heroes will steal the hearts of their heroines and the readers alike! This is the last in the Rules of Scoundrels series—Chase’s story

By day, she is Lady Georgiana, sister to a Duke, ruined before her first season in the worst kind of scandal. But the truth is far more shocking—in London’s darkest corners, she is Chase, the mysterious, unknown founder of the city’s most legendary gaming hell. For years, her double identity has gone undiscovered . . . until now.

Brilliant, driven, handsome-as-sin Duncan West is intrigued by the beautiful, ruined woman who is somehow connected to a world of darkness and sin. He knows she is more than she seems and he vows to uncover all of Georgiana’s secrets, laying bare her past, threatening her present, and risking all she holds dear . . . including her heart.

I really like Sarah MacLean. I really do. I loved the first two books in this series, the third I loathed, and this one sort of fell between that. I liked the setup from the other books, but honestly it has been so long since I have read the other three that I felt like I missed some nuance. So if I take this book on it's own, it sort of falls flat. Chase is super impressive the other three books, actually living up to the machinations that she is claimed to wield. But this one, all I see is a women trying desperately to fit back into society, the same one which she has been trying to ruin for almost a decade. 

The writing I noticed really quickly is pretty damn repetitive. If I had to hear one more freaking monologue about motivations I was going to flip to any other book in my nook. I pressed on despite all of this. The romance itself was fine. Nothing special though. The characters were again, just fine. Nothing really stood out to me in this. 

The setup was outstanding, but unfortunately the execution fell a little flat for me. I am glad I read it to finish the series. I would recommend it only if you read the other books as I think it would be even less entertaining if I didn't have all the background.

Also? Avon, please. PLEASE stop with the pun covers. This one isn't as horrid as some of them, but urgh! 

Note: I didn't super hate this, I read it on one airplane ride. I am sorry I can't get more verbose, but I have been sick all day :( Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Hmmm, I was on the fence about whether I'd read this one. But after reading your review, I'm not sure this book is for me. Great review, Julia! And I hope you feel better! :)

    Kim @ Book Munchies

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I was at least able to eat today which was a step forward! After reading some other reviews and comments, I think this is a polarizing one. I can't even really find a pattern here, except maybe more people who were disenchanted with book three (like I was) were less forgiving with this one. Here is an A review over at Smart Btiches to balance the scales if you want to read why people liked it (and some good comments on the split reactions)

  2. Boo. And this one looked so promising! Maybe someday when I am bored.

    1. That seems like a good reaction. The next romance I started reading was even worse than this one... bad 2015 luck so far I guess.

  3. Romance isn't usually my cup of tea, but you mentioned that you have a nook. How do you like it? Would you buy one again?

    1. I have a nook version 1, so I can't speak for anything they have put out in the last 5 years. I like reading on eInk (especially when I am outside.. trying to read on my tablet outside this summer was futile). I often get frustrated that the sales on B&N are not as discounted as over at amazon, but I like that it's an ePub book and not mobi. I really like my first gen nook and will be sad when it goes. The only real benefit I think of the nook is that there is a brick and mortar store to go to when something goes wrong. Otherwise, I think people like kindles better... and better discounts at Amazon. Hope that helps :)

  4. I haven't read the rest of the series, but I really liked this and am planning to go back and read the others. I don't read a ton of romance, but it somehow seems more personal than other genres in terms of what people like. I've heard great reviews of books I ended up hating. I dunno, I think maybe it's like dating :)

  5. I like this author but I look at this cover and title and....really, not judging it...but yeah, now that I read your review it doesn't sound like my cup of tea =/


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