Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their OWN Book

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Due to a scheduling mishap WE don't have a Top Ten Tuesday list today so unintentional vacation from TTT this week for us? But we can't wait to see YOUR lists!!

Also, reminder: our 5th annual Secret Santa signups end this week! You have BEFORE Friday to get it in! We hope you will join us!! :)

And while we are at it: if you have any TTT list ideas (maybe that you used for a freebie or a twist you did on a topic) please share! I can't guarantee that we will use it (sometimes things are a good idea but don't have a general appeal) or that we haven't already done it (seriously, 4.5 years of TTT we have done a LOT of things). But holler if you have a new idea or REALLY want to revisit a topic..which we usually DO after a couple years.


  1. On potential topics--you may have already done these, but:

    1. Top Ten TBR Series Sitting On My Shelf
    2. Top Ten Books I Would Read to My Kids
    3. Top Ten Books That Should Be Taught in School (you could get more specific with this one, like elementary or middle or high school specifically)
    4. Top Ten Books Set in a Specific Historical Period (for example, World War II books or Tudor England books could be genres unto themselves)

  2. I submit to the court: favorite book animals

  3. I actually made a list earlier this year about potential topics so I'll share the ones that I think has the broadest appeal.
    1. Top 10 Characters written my a single author
    2. Top 10 Sidekicks(I was really surprised to see that this hasn't been a topic before)
    3. Top 10 Songs that remind you of a Character/Ship
    4. Top 10 Cliches you love/hate
    5. Top 10 Songs you wish a book could be written about

  4. I'm sorry but I'm confused, do we just post as a comment to link up? Sorry again!

  5. How about Top Ten Books to Curl up by a Fire With, Top Ten Love Stories, and Top Ten Holiday-Themed Reads (can be any holiday)?


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