Monday, February 3, 2014

Tahleen puts her New Year's Resolution in action

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If you all remember my resolution from a recent Top Ten Tuesday, I resolved to read as many of the Youth Media Award winners as I could. Now is the time to put that plan into action.

As you may know, the awards were announced last Monday morning, to my great pleasure. Today, the Best Fiction for Young Adults, Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults, and Great Graphic Novels for Teens lists were all released, as well as a few others, some already released and others to be released soon. What am I getting at?


The 2014 YALSA Hub Reading Challenge.

This challenge begins today, and participants have until June 22 to read or listen to 25 of the award winners or titles on any of the book lists specified in the starting post. Once the starting post is on The Hub, you can sign up there—at the time I published this, it wasn't up yet. (UPDATE: You can now enter here.)

There are a few reasons I'm doing this and also telling you about the challenge. As a teen services librarian, I feel like it is my duty read these books anyway, and it is pretty fun—I read a bunch of books I probably wouldn't have otherwise when I participated last year, even though I didn't finish. This year I will succeed! I am also a member of a task force to spread the word about these awards and lists, which put a spotlight on the best literature for teens. So, here I am, spreading the word! (This is, full disclosure, not something I was assigned to tell you by the task force; it is all on my own!)

Oh, and if that's not enough motivation for you all to jump in, there's more. Those of us who complete the challenge will be entered into a pretty awesome drawing to win a tote bag full of 2013 and 2014 teen lit titles. AND you get virtual badges along the way! For bragging rights, of course.

Will you be participating in this challenge? Are there any other challenges you're working on this year?


  1. I read a lot but I get a little fuzzy on keeping track of challenges. Goodreads pretty much tallies them for me, so I've got that down! I tend to use these types of challenges to add books to my TBR but then read them at my own pace. Whatever gets the word out about worthwhile books, I can get behind!

  2. You know what? I think I'll give this a go!

  3. This sounds like a challenge that is interesting and worthy. I may give it a try myself!


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