Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Reader/Book Blogger

To learn more about Top Ten Tuesday or see a list of future topics click here! This week we are talking about why we love being a reader/book blogger!

Jamie says:


1. I love being a reader because...it always gives me a chance to connect to people. It's amazing the conversations I've had with strangers about books, the friends I've made because of books or the way I can reconnect with random people from my past on Facebook when they ask for recommendations and my big mouth can't NOT answer.

2. I love being a reader because...I'm never bored. I can always have something to do with the zillion books I own. There's always a new story to be had and I can take them with me in my purse.

3. I love being a reader because...I can experience lives I would otherwise not live. I can have adventures I might not get to have. I also think I connect to HUMANITY as a whole when I read because most books touch on some part of being human and I feel like I'm one step closer to the other people in the world.

4. I love being a reader because...when the zombie apocalypse happens I will still have MY hobby because I don't need technology to read. But seriously, I love being a reader because my hobby can be so simple and it doesn't require me to rely on technology. I love my Kindle but it is SO less reliable than my books because I DO NOT HAVE TO CHARGE THEM.

5. I love being a book blogger because... I love being able to shout my love out loud for books that meant something to me or that I really enjoyed. Cheating but also because: I love being able to have found MY PEOPLE. And I love that I have a creative outlet here and on my blog -- The Perpetual Page-Turner.

Lori says:

6.  I love being a book blogger because...of the people!  Some Most of my favorite people are book bloggers and I interact with them way more than I interact with people I know in real life...because they get me.  We never run out of things to talk about because books are a big part of our lives and then we find we have outside interests as well.

7.  I love being a reader because...it makes me more interesting.  I think that reading books just makes you more interesting than people who don't read.  Reading is such a personal thing because you bring in all of your life experience and when you talk to people about your reading or even about your real life, you have so much more to say than just the basics.  You find you can talk to a wide variety of people in a variety of situations just based on what you've read about--even if you aren't specifically mentioning any books.  You know things.

8.  I love being a reader because...it's a much healthier habit than buying drugs.  I mean, I have to spend my money on something, right?  Why not something that won't spoil or go out of season or rot my brain or land me in jail?

9.  I love being a reader because...it allows me to be anywhere but here.  Real life sucks sometimes--winter won't freaking go away, your job is awful, you're feeling down on yourself for not being where you thought you would be by now, whatever.  Reading allows me to go someplace else for a while.  Sometimes it's just a nice trip to the seaside or sometimes it's a good reminder that things could be a lot worse.

10.  I love being a book blogger because...it gives me a place to talk about what I've read, especially when I know that no one in my real life has read it.  Through book blogging I can talk about this awesome book I've just read (it's great to be able to express myself), but also, chances are, someone else has read it or heard of it too and can talk back...which brings me back to number 6--you guys just rock!

What do you love about being a reader? About being a book blogger? 


  1. I think I need to use that excuse when people criticize how many books I buy. It's a healthier habit than drugs! :P

  2. I loved the theme this week. Reading your list made me smile at every point and I agree with every single one! One of my friends who is not a reader said to me once 'You know I have never heard you say that you get bored' - I replied 'How could I be when there are so many brilliant books to read!!" I also use the healthy addiction excuse with my hubby when I buy new books that I wasn't supposed too!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  3. Definitely healthier than drugs :) Love your guys' reasons for reading, I agree with them all!!!

  4. I love all your reasons :)
    Especially experiencing different worlds and perspectives, that's probably my favourite bit of being a reader.

    Cora @ Tea Party Princess

    PS I think I'm blind I can't see the linky :O

  5. Lol, I almost added the "healthier habit than buying drugs" onto my list too. Great topic this week and I agree with all of your reasons too :)

    1. I did include this on my list! LOL! Some many of us were thinking the same thing. I referred to it as the "perfect way to self medicate without fear of bodily harm or jail time."

  6. reading this I kept thinking YES at each point you make. Loved the one about having a hobby that defeats Zombies

  7. "it allows me to be anywhere but here" Oh I can so relate! Reading and blogging has always been an adventure for me and it's a great way to sort of escape from everything in real life. Great list! :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

  8. I love this topic and definitely had fun writing my list and am enjoying reading other people's :)

  9. I have a feeling many of us are going to say similar things! Hurray for community, different worlds, discussion, and introverted bookworm enthusiasm :)

  10. Those are all great reasons!

  11. This was actually a bit harder than I thought! It was fun to think about why I really loved blogging and what makes me continue doing it every day. You ladies had some great reasons!

  12. I love reading/blogger for the same reasons! It's such a great feeling being able to read and just forget the world for a little while (:

  13. All of these are great reasons to love being a reader/blogger! Totally agree with #3 and #9--reading is a good way to escape when real life gets overwhelming.

  14. It's one of my favourite Top ten <3

  15. Great topic loved writing this one !

  16. great reasons all. When I read the theme blogger/reader I thought it meant a reader of blogs. A reader of books gives it a whole new meaning. I may have to add a post script to my post. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  17. Lori, I love your reason #9! I love all of your reasons actually. Great list. I do really value reading as an escape and as a way to (cheaply) experience other things. Thanks so much for hosting this.

  18. I love reading, because it lets me try new things (safely) and live different lives too. :)


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