Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gift Ideas That AREN'T Books For The Bookworm In Your Life

Julia's Gift Suggestions for the Bookish Person:

Who on this site doesn't know what to get that person who already has hundreds of books on their TBR pile? I've found some gift for the writer or reader on your list that may not immediately jump to mind. 
Bookend Vases
Bookend Vases
  • Bookend Vases - Signals
    • These are the CUTEST bookends that are also vases! You can hind them among some of your other displayable books in the living room. This would look so cute on an end table or the top of a smaller bookcase.
    • A similar cool way to display your books is this clear shelf from UncommonGoods. It makes them look like they are floating on your wall. 
  • Book Text on Shirts, Posters or Totes - Lithographs
    • There are a lot of sites out there where I've seen people put text onto posters and put cool shapes into the text. Lithographs is by far the one with the largest selections of books and the most unique designs. I've just fallen in love with the Phantom of the Opera poster, but there is everything from Walden to The Picture of Dorian Gray. It was very easy to window shop on this website!
  • Typewriter Key Necklace - UncommonGoods
  • My Life Story So Far & Christmas Memories Book
    • These are both really cool guided journaling. The first "My Life Story - So Far" I can't preview too much other than what the book shows in the picture, but it looks like it would help classify memories for posterity reasons. 
    • The Christmas Memories Book is actually something I just purchased on a trip to Bronner's Christmas Wonderlandin Michigan. It a book that contains two pages for 20 Christmases to chronicle memories from that year. I can't wait to be able to fill this out for the next 20 years and reminisce on how things have changed and stayed the same :)

Paula's Gift suggestion for the Crafty Reader in your life

  • Do you have a reader in your life that also hoards as much fabric as they do books? Spoonflower might just be the place for you to look. In their market place you can find lots of book themed fabrics that anyone would love to add to their stash. Some of my favorites are: Book Damask (which has a variety of colors to pick from), Alice in Wonderland Vintage,  and Dictionary Page with Birds.
  • And if fabric isn't their thing- Spoonflower also offers wall decals, wall paper, and gift wrap (which can be used for quite a lot of crafts actually) 
  • AND if you aren't quite sure what fabric they would like- there is a Welcome Pack option. The welcome pack includes a gift card and a *gasp* book about designing your own fabric. Which is pretty neat and helps get new designers started.

Disclaimer: I, Paula, work at Spoonflower. This is not a paid ad or anything like that. I just think my company is kind of awesome and thought I might share it with you. And maybe if you order something- I could be the one to ship it out to you- how cool is that!

Jamie Shares Some Ideas For The Harry Potter Fans In Your Life

Pick up this necklace for the Harry Potter fan in your life who is still devastated they haven't received their letter.

Raise your hand if you are going to buy something off this list for yourself! *raises own hand* MAN I really want those bookend vases!!!


  1. love the muggle born t-shirt :) have to find a friend with a wee one for that.. my own are older now:)
    a couple more i have on my pinterest board including this one -
    happy holidays

  2. I love that HP keepsake box so much!

  3. I love the lithographs (my favorites are the Alice in Wonderland and Last Unicorn ones), bookend vases, and the Harry Potter-themed necklace (that shop has quite a few more that I love as well). So many beautiful things - thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice ideas. I like the onesies


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