Sunday, November 10, 2013

Broke and Bookish Book Haul for 10/27 - 11/9

Daisy's Book Haul

So 2 weeks ago I had nothing to share, and then this past week the books just kept coming in... Not that I'm complaining of course ;)

-The Fault in Our Stars
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Paper Towns
An Abundance of Katherines
Looking for Alaska by John Green: I'm a sucker for pretty boxed sets... Even though I already owned The Fault in Our Stars. So now I have no excuse left as to why I still haven't read one of John Green's books yet..
-Teardrop by Lauren Kate: this was a total steal, I mean, 5 euros for a hardcover? I haven't read her first series, but maybe that a good thing?
-The White Princess by Philippa Gregory: I love Philippa Gregory's historical fiction! So obviously I needed to own this one as well :)
-Allegiant by Veronica Roth: I'm trying to avoid ALL opinions about this book until I read it myself. And I need to read Insurgent first, so it could take a while...
-After Eden by Helen Douglas: TIME TRAVEL!!
-The Sum Of All Kisses by Julia Quinn: EEEE!! NEW JULIA QUINN BOOK! ALL THE EXCITEMENT!! :D
-This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith: So I still haven't read The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight, but this sounds really cute!
-Mage's Blood by David Hair: I can't help myself when my eye lands on a exciting sounding fantasy novel!
-The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater: so I haven't read the first book yet, this was a total bargain I just had to...

Birthday present from my wonderful brother!:
-Tirza by Arnon Grunberg: My brother says this is an amazing book, so I'm sure I will love it! And also, even though he's probably not reading this: thank you so much! And I'm sorry you had to go back to the store twice because I already owned the book you picked out for me...

Egalleys for review:
-The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier: SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!! I LOVED Juliet by Anne Fortier and have been stalking Goodreads since I read it to see if there would be another book and now there will be!! EEE! :D
-Kisses, She Wrote by Katharine Ashe: I love Katharine Ashe's books and this sounds like a sweet Christmassy read :)
-Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare: Tessa Dare writes AMAZING historical romance, so I'm sure I'll be very much loving this book when I read it! And it has a mysterious fortress! This has my name written all over it.
-The Barrow by Mark Smylie: along with my historical romance, I love a good fantasy and this is a STANDALONE. It's 700 pages, but it won't be another series staring me down because I haven't finished it :D Or making me wait YEARS for the sequel. SO YAY!
-Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira: this book might just break my heart.
-On the Rocks by Erin Duffy: this sounds like a cute read and I love the sound of two friends spending a summer at a sea cottage, meeting handsome men!
-Tease by Amanda Maciel: the aftermath of suicide seen through the eyes of one of the bullies, I'm SO interested to see how the author will handle this!
-The Taking by Kimberly Derting: So I haven't read either of Kimberly Derting's previous series, but this sounds SO GOOD! SO YES I WILL READ THIS!
-The Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman: I tend to avoid books dealing with World War II, but for a story about a girl who is SO close to Hitler, I will reconsider!
-The Thickety: A Path Begins by J.A. White: an MG witch story. Do I really need to say more? This sounds like it could be AWESOME!
-Talker 25 by Joshua McCune: you can't really tell by the cover, but it has DRAGONS in it!
-Witch Finder by Ruth Warburton: I've heard really good things about her Witch in Winter series, I REALLY hope this one will be good! I love witchy YA books :)

Our Broke & Bookish book haul is inspired by memes like IMM & Stacking the Shelves & Mailbox Monday. This is just our very simple way of doing it collaboratively so we can participate in all of them and not have to choose one.


  1. This is a massive haul! I LOVED The Dream Thieves. I have been putting off reading Allegiant because of all the mixed reviews. I am also just in love with that John Green boxed set, I'm also a sucker for pretty boxed things ^^

    Happy Reading!

    Emily @ Falling For YA

  2. So after you read TFIOS you're reading Love Letters...right? Because you really need to read TFIOS. That book crushed my soul (and I'm no exaggerating one tiny bit) :D
    Happy reading!!

  3. You got an awesome haul! I am quite jealous. :)

  4. Awesome haul! I haven't read John Green either, despite having several of his books. I think my expectations are so high that I'm hesitant to disappoint myself, but really need to buckle down and just read him already. Enjoy your new books!

  5. I received Witch Finder too! I'm pretty excited for it, really hope it doesn't focus too much on the romance aspect. Enjoy your haul!

  6. Book sets, movies sets; I'm a sucker for buying things in sets.

  7. I'm very jealous of your John Green box set! Hope you enjoy your new books!

  8. This is a really excellent list of books. So many sound interesting. Happy Reading!


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