Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Cocktail & Conversation With TBTB Crew - Gateway Books!

Every other Thursday (errrr Friday this week) here at the Broke & The Bookish is  A Cocktail & Conversation time. One of the TBTB members will pose a question to 2-3 of the other members of TB&TB crew about books, life, music, etc and then they'll answer and we can converse about it. So grab a cocktail & cozy up for some conversation. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, friends.

Bridget asks: Hey ladies! Here's my question: if you wanted to get someone irrevocably hooked on your favorite author, what would you say is their best "gateway" book? 

Jen says: My favorite young adult author is Sarah Dessen. I think The Truth About Forever (or This Lullaby...I can't decide!) is the best book of hers to start off with. There is just so much I love about both books.

Julia: Let's go historical romance world here with Eloisa James. The book that I would get you into her books is When Beauty Tamed the Beast. It's a play on Beauty and the Beast where the Beast has a dash of doctor house. It's a fun romance and one of my favorites!

Paula: When I recommend Neil Gaiman to someone... I tend to stray away from his best known book American Gods and recommend Stardust instead. It is a much faster read and much easier to get into and enjoy. It still has a lot of his staple story telling (multiple stories that seem like they are unrelated and then crash together wonderfully in the end). 

Tell us YOUR favorite author and the gateway book that you'd recommend to get others hooked on them! We want to try some new authors here!


  1. I love Stardust so much! Although I must admit that I like the ending a bit more in the movie, because it is a smidgen happier. :)

  2. Hmmm... this is an interesting question. I'd have to say the author would be Kelley Armstrong and the book would be Bitten! Lots of action, lots of angst and lots of tension of every kind really! :-)

  3. Paula, I totally agree on Neil Gaiman and reading Stardust first! That book drew me in immediately and I've since bought 4 of Gaiman's. As far as my favorite author, I would say Kate Morton and The Forgotten Garden. It is her second novel, but the first of hers that I read. It remains to this day one of my all time favorites, and as well as being able to read the rest of hers, it opened me up to the world of modern day Gothic Fiction. (Think Diane Setterfield - The Thirteenth Tale. Oh how I love that book!)

    1. Ooo- I haven't heard of Kate Morton... but I love The Thirteenth Tale! I'll have to check out The Forgotten Garden :D


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