Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spy Glass

Book: Spy Glass
Author: Maria V. Snyder
How I got my hands on it: I bought it the very day it was available
Why I read it: Love this series and I’ll read anything by Maria V. Snyder
So this review is going to be a little bit tricky. This actually the final book of a trilogy, and that trilogy is a spinoff of another trilogy. So if I’m not careful I could give away spoilers for 6 books! But I am going to do my best to tell you about this book without spoiling anything!
Ok, so Spy Glass is the final book in the Glass Trilogy. The author truly continues to amaze me. She has a way of taking a character and developing their stories in ways that you never expect. Opal is the protagonist of this story. She is a “Glass Magician”. Whenever she words with glass, a bit of magic is added to it. Her magic is very unique and is well known. You’d think with that sort of reputation, Opal would be at the top. Confident, with lots of friends. Instead she is a very real character. She’s insecure, wants only to live up to her reputation and make friends along the way. She has some dark secrets, things that have happened to her and her family that have completely changed how she looks at life. She trusts easily, and loves unconditionally. My personality and Opal’s personality are rather different, but somehow I still managed to relate to her in certain ways. There is just something about her that you cannot help but love. Even though she can be aggravating at times.
There is a wonderful mix of characters. Ari and Janco, oh my. Read the books simply for them and you'll be happy. They're fantastic. Absolutely hilarious. You have the romantic characters, the tough characters, the lovable characters. And what's so wonderful is that all of this characters are three dimensional. They aren't just flat characters thrown in there because they were needed.
Spy Glass (And the Glass Trilogy as a whole) is filled with magic, love, action, friendship and humor. Just the right mix for a good book. Spy Glass was a very satisfying end to the series and I was smiling as I turned the last page. I was sad to see it end, but at the same time I had enjoyed the book so much, and I was so pleased with the events of the book that I couldn’t help but be happy about it.
Even if you aren’t a big fan of fantasy, I think you will like this. The books are just so darned enjoyable! BUT before you pick up the Glass Trilogy, I suggest the Study Trilogy. (Jana reviewed the first book in the series, Poison Study. Great review too, except I gave it more stars). And Opal really is a strong female heroine, despite her weaknesses. She isn’t like…. Some heroines that are whiny and let themselves be destroyed by a boy… Anyway.
So hopefully this was a helpful review! I really wanted to review this book but didn’t really know how without giving away too much information.
Rating: 5+ Stars
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  1. Lots of people I'm following seem to be reading her books at the moment. I've not read any of them, but I'm starting to think I should!


  2. I am wanting to get into this trilogy. It sounds like a great trilogy to read. I hope you don't have to read the first trilogy to get some stuff in this one. thanks for the great review. :)

  3. I read and loved the Study Trilogy (though, in my opinion, the third one didn't live up to the first two books), but I really need to give the glass trilogy a try, especially if Ari and Janco are there!

  4. Melissa - I'd recommend reading the Study Trilogy first, otherwise a lot of the stuff happening in this one won't make sense.

    I'm reading this book, have about 12 pages left to go. I thought this one was a low slower than the first 2 books.

  5. Thank you Daisy. I have the starts to the Study Trilogy here so I will definitely read that one before this series. :)


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