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Julia's Top Ten Romance Books for People who Read Other Genres

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As romance is the thing I do best, I figured I could share the love this week, literally and figuratively, by giving some recommendations to people who may want to branch out but are overwhelmed and don't know what to look for.  I am going to try to limit the list to things I have read, but I may not be able to for some genre's because I read a set niche. So let's do this.

If you read Science Fiction, you'll like...
-Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher - I actually reviewed this one back in the day and I remember being really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. My review has a good summary, but it has aliens, trying to colonize an alien planet. Worth the time!

If you read Young Adult contemporary, you'll like...
- The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand - I have not read this one but started reading the second in the series before I was distracted away. I was enjoying what I was reading though, and every time I see it mentioned I think of Anna and the French Kiss, which makes no sense since I've read neither and have no idea if they relate besides being set in France maybe. But I think Florand writes in a way that would translate well for the YA reader looking to move to romantic fiction. Someone will have to read this and tell me if they are similar or not!

- The Rosie Project by Graeme Simpsion - I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again. This is a lovely book. It's full of all the romance and light on the sexy-times if that isn't your thing. It's a quick read and a heart warming book! My review

If you read Dystopian (and don't mind a bit of heat), you'll like...
- Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha - This one has an erotic twist, but is still really good. The story features a girl thrown out of the city and having to learn how to fend for herself in the outside world. But she meets this gang and one of the members... check out my review on Booklikes.

If you read fairy tales, you'll like...
- When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James - A historical romancey play on Beauty and the Beast. Hell, I could have done this whole thing on Beauty and the Beast retellings. This is pretty recent but another good one is Beauty by Robin McKinley

If you read paranormal, you'll like...
- Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon - The Dark-Hunter series was something I was really into about ten years ago. It was inventive and fun, and this is the first book. The more recent books in the series are kinda meh, but the first 6ish are pretty good. This one and Dance with the Devil are my favorite.

If you read Steampunk, you'll like...
- The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook - I think this is like required reading for steampunk people, but just in case it isn't on your radar, this is the first book in the Iron Seas series. I really enjoyed it enough to give up sleep while on a work trip. My review.

- Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster - I can't choose between the two of these. They are both so good! So I picked both. This series just is better and better with each book. Kiss of Steel I picked up on sale and enjoyed immensely. Vampires roaming the streets, clockwork mechanics, a whole victorian society. Outstanding. My review.

If you read Historical Fiction, you'll like...
- The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne - From the last list I did of historical recommendations a few years ago, "This one was my first review here at TBTB. Oh the days. Let me summarize. This is a spy romance. The spy story is super interesting and because the whole plot isn't a "big misunderstanding" or some other relationship centric thing it may be an easier book to get into over some other romances for a newbie."

- The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran - I really think this book would translate well because it is set in such a rich historical world. The hero is torn between the white culture of his father and the Indian culture of this mother. The heroine is in India because of her fiance. The backdrop of British controlled India kept me turning pages!

So what about you? Do you have any questions about the romance genre? Have you been wanting to try one but aren't sure where to start? Comment and I will see if I can help you out!

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  1. Your choice of topic is awesome! I enjoyed When Beauty Tamed the Beast as well and it will work as well for fans of the TV series House. I've been wanting to try Kiss of Steel and you definitely sold it even more! I'm also very intrigued by Ghost Planet. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I was looking at the list you referenced from 3 years ago, and I read Shanna in middle school also. The pirate adventure was so exciting. I read it over and over! I enjoy everything Julia Quinn writes too, I just finished the Smyrhe-Smith books, lots of laughs. I love HF and if it's got a little romance that's nice, too. I'm going to try the one about the spy.

  3. I love this topic! I've been wanting to try some romance books for a while. Won't be long now. :)

  4. Sherrilyn Kenyon is the bomb! I have the entire Dark Hunter series lol.

  5. This is a brilliant choice of topic! I have only read The Rosie Project, so I'll need to try a few of the others.

  6. Such a huge fan of Eloisa James and Joanna Bourne. Great group of authors you have listed this week for sure! Beth @ Perpetual New Girl

  7. This is a great topic. It's always nice to give people suggestions - reader advisory - my favorite part of library work.

  8. Great post :D Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster sounds good :) I like the odd romance every now and then.
    Have a great week! :D
    Amy x

  9. Julia, great top ten post, quite creative in the way you've done it. Would love more posts like these as it's great to venture out of your comfort reading zone.

  10. I love this topic! Thank you so much for sharing. Definitely going to look in to the ones for if you enjoy historical fiction.

  11. The Dark-Hunter series is the perfect series to start a PNR. She was one of my PNR when I started. Great Choice. I a so happy you have Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster listed I have it and been wanting to try steampunk.

    Have a great day
    My TTT

  12. I've not read The Iron Duke - but I did read Riveted, which is the third book in the series. (I just jumped in with the one that sounded best to me.) And I totally agree if you like steampunk and want some steamy romance that is a great series to read. Odd for me to be able to say this about a romance, the world was awesome!

  13. Nice choice of topic. These days it's rather difficult to find a YA novel without romance though.

    Pretty sure you'v already had the topic I chose. Mine is about Books About Book Lovers

  14. I like how you broke it all down in this post. I don't read much romance, so this was very helpful. I do love THE ROSIE PROJECT. It made me LOL in public more than once :)

  15. YA is one of my favorite genres and I love Laura Florand! The Chocolate Thief is actually my favorite of the Amour et Chocolate books. But I do love the whole series.

  16. This is a great post, I don't read much romance novels as I find straight up love stories tend to bore me a little so it's nice to know of books that are a mash up of genres!


  17. Ooh, what a good topic for a TTT. Totally second the steampunk recs, Laura Florand, Eloisa James (I love "When Beauty Tamed the Beast," though others of her books are touch and go for me). Can I also say that for contemporary, Ruthie Knox is totally wonderful? (And she also writes NA as Robin York - equally awesome.) Ooh ooh ooh! Or "Bet Me" by Jennifer Cruisie - that's usually my go-to romance recommendation for folks who don't read the genre. (That book is wonderful and also lovingly writes about Krispy Kreme donuts, which you know, is pretty great, too.)

    Layla @ The Midnight Garden

  18. Great idea for a post! I don't avidly search for romance novels but every now and then I like to read one especially if it has other elements to it! Thanks for sharing these suggestions with your readers :) I like a book that has it all - suspense, drama, romance, humor, and strong character development. Having said that I MUST recommend a book I recently came across called "The Friend Request" by author Charles Soto. (http://authorcharlessoto.com/) This book is considered a romance novel and follows two high school sweethearts who reconnect on Facebook after years of living separate lives but there is so much more than that! It shares the point of view of the male and female character which I find to be quite refreshing and there are soooo many plot twists in this book it keeps you hooked from start to finish. I definitely recommend it to anyone who LOVES the romance genre or who doesn't usually read it. I think it has a little something for everyone

  19. That is really cool how you have tied the theme of romance into these different genre's of books. My family and I love to read. We all seem to have different tastes in books and would probably find different joys in literary differences in how romance is portrayed via each different genre.


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