Monday, May 4, 2015

Jamie's Renewed Love For Audiobooks!

I got into audiobooks a couple of years ago! They became my motivator for working out. I would ONLY allow myself to listen to my audiobook if I got my butt on the treadmill or was doing something active like cleaning.  I was so eager to keep going on in my story that it kept me on the treadmill the whole time and it made me get up off the couch, put my shoes on and head to the gym. I had rewards and such. You can read about my whole system here.

Then about a year into that system I got SUPER into a new workout routine. One that was less treadmill. I started doing Pilates and a lot of HIIT workouts. So I stopped listening to audiobooks mostly. I could have listening to them on my commute but I just was more into listening to music in the car on my Spotify app.

But then recently I decided that I wanted to get back into audiobooks. And I am IN LOVE WITH THEM ALL OVER AGAIN. I started out just wanting to try them again to do re-reads (and also asked for suggestions) and I did do a reread of a favorite book it and it was DELIGHTFUL. Such a good way to do a reread especially if you are new/getting back into audiobooks because you already are familiar with the story.

I started my audiobook obsession about midway through April and I added 2 books to my count for the month. I listened in the car. I listened when I would take the baby I nanny for a walk. I listened when I was getting ready in the morning and while I was making/eating breakfast (my husband leaves way before me). Listened while I was cleaning or painting my nails.  And when I wanted to listen to music (and some days I did) I just did that. But I still got 2 extra books "read" for the month. What a great way to sneak in some extra books! My listening decreases on the weekend because my husband is around and I'm not commuting anywhere but I still felt like I was able to sneak in some reading in times, like when applying makeup or doing my hair, when I'd be listening to nothing at all normally.

I'm so excited to be back in the world of audiobooks!

Do you audiobook or no? What are some of your favorite audiobooks? Where do you get audiobooks from (I use Overdrive primarily because YAY FREE with my library card)?


  1. I audiobook because my other half is visually impaired and enjoys reading too. We listen together in the evenings after dinner. A couple of nights of week we have a tv show. Others we don't, but we listen until bedtime to wind down. Our tastes are very similar, but I do enjoy the occasional paper book once in awhile.

  2. I've started audiobooks, but never finished one. I always get impatient and want to read it faster. But I think that if I listened to one on a walk or something like that, I'd love them a lot more. I'd never actually planned doing something active while I listened--which ended up with me becoming restless. I'll really have to try to get into audiobooks! I was about to do a discussion on my own blog about the subject, actually. I want to see how everyone feels about them!

  3. I checked out your audiobook-workout system and I'm sold. Definitely trying it because I'm a super lazy person. :)

  4. I always have an audiobook going on.
    I listen while doing the dishes, cooking, ironing, cleaning the house, and painting (I'm an artist).
    Mysteries work very well for me in that format. Currently listening to The Girl on The Train. Then it will be: Station Eleven. Apart from audiobooks I get for free from publishers for a review, I get all the others from my library, mostly downloading them directly at home from heir website. Long live our awesome public libraries!

  5. I absolutely LOVE audiobooks, and can usually get anywhere from 2 to 4 or so extra books in each month.

    Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore was a good one, and Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle series, as well as The Scorpio Races all had excellent narration.

    I started out using OverDrive, but found the wait lists to be super long for some of the books I really wanted. Currently I'm in my free month trial of Scribd, which is going pretty well so far, and they have a decent selection. Audible just seems too expensive with the volume of books I'm currently devouring via audio each month.

    Glad you are enjoying the world of audiobooks again!

  6. I never thought about using them for working out because I thought, well that's silly, I want music for that! But I took that back as soon as I tried it - it's way easier to push through a possibly unpleasant portion of your workout if you're thinking about where Bernadette went and not, WHEN IS REST TIME AGAIN? Best thing ever. Thanks for telling me about Overdrive! This is my new favorite thing! Although I can't switch from calling them books on tape.. I still call DVDs tapes too and I haven't had a VHS for years, jeez Louise.

  7. I use Scribd for my audiobooks now. They have a really big selection (recently added a LOT, including new releases!) and it's $8.99/month. Really not bad considering Audible is $15/month for one book... Scribd has unlimited!

  8. I recently just found myself turning to audiobooks, the ones with hte huge casts? They got me hooked! I listened to one at the gym once, and found myself stopping during my workout and giggling and I loved it -- they're really engrossing once you get into them! But not a lot of audiobooks have huge casts, and so I have to get used to listening for the right narrator -- BTW, do you have any recommendations? I love urban fnatasy and crime :)

  9. I don't tend to listen to audiobooks. I'd like to get into them, but I just really do enjoy the reading experience. I haven't even got a Kindle yet!


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