Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kimberly Reviews the Fated Sky

Title: The Fated Sky
Author: Henrietta Branford
Why I Read It: Book Club Book
Rating: 1 Star

When her father and brothers are killed in battle, Ran, a young Viking woman, has no one to protect her. And as she travels with her unloving mother and a cruel stranger to take part in a winter sacrifice, Ran's safety and future are uncertain. Now sixteen-year-old Ran must learn to fend for herself -- and discover that she has the ability to control her own destiny. Henrietta Branford, Guardian award-winning author of Fire, Bed, and Bone, brilliantly recreates the mysticism and the harsh realities of the Viking world in this tale of strength, romance, and thwarted fates.

So... Apparently this style of book is NOT for me.

When we chose this book for July's read, I was interested. Vikings! That will be cool, right? I always enjoy a good historical romance too.

It was not what I expected at ALL.

I think the author was trying for a particular style... I really don't know. All I know is that I did not care for any of the characters in the slightest. Each death was just words on the page. I felt no emotional connection whatsoever to the story or the characters. I think that the author was trying to reflect a harsh world and the way people living in that time would have reacted. I think. As it is, they felt far too passive aggressive.

We're meeting today to discuss the book, I'm interested to hear what the others thought of it.

Unfortunately, this was not an enjoyable read. But you might like it! There are several 5 star reviews on goodreads.  (There are also a lot of 1 star ratings). Some readers even think it was very historically accurate. (I'm not too sure about that...)

Share some of your favorite historical fiction novels in the comments! 

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