Monday, February 24, 2014

ender's game with dad

A few years ago, when we first heard about Ender's Game being made into a movie, my dad started asking me about it.

Him: "It's a book?"
Me: "Yep. Bestseller."
Him: "Have you read it?"
Me: *pause* "Are you really asking me that?"
Him: "Oh. Right. Is it good?"

Now, my dad is not a reader. The most reading he has ever done is when he read Harry Potter 1-6 in about 3 months time. Normally he averages 1 or 2 a year. But Ender's Game caught his interest. I gave him the book, and he had it for several months. Then he saw another trailer. He picked the book up again and had it read within a few days. It's always a treat for me when I get to chat about books with my dad, since he so rarely reads. Talking about Ender's Game was great.

Then came the movie. He geeked out as much as I did. Both of us loved the movie. Not only was it a great movie alone, it was a well done adaptation of a well loved novel. My dad kept poking me during the movie, pointing out details and saying "hey! I remember that from the book!". (Yes, dad. I read it too.)

My goal was to turn my dad into a fanboy, at least for the day. And what can I say?

So what about you? Have you ever introduced a relative or a friend to something and had them love it as much as you? What was it? Or did they introduce you to something amazing?


  1. THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME THAT I STILL NEED TO WATCH ENDER'S GAME! I really loved the book, and I'm excited to see how the battle stations will be portrayed.

    I don't remember introducing anything to anyone at the moment, but I know my friend showed me specific bands, video games, and TV shows and I all grew to love them. Books, however, I discover through book blogs or Goodreads, and plus I'm the only one out of my friends that's obsessed with reading.

    1. haha! You're welcome! ;) I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I may have been a bit overwhelmed when I saw the battle room. I got goosebumps.

  2. My dad was the person who introduced me to Ender's Game, and I still haven't read it lol.

  3. I just finished Ender's Game for the first time and it was so good! I'm glad you liked the movie because I've been debating on whether or not to watch it in fear of it not living up to my expectations.

  4. Lol! I haven't read Ender's Game yet, but I did like the movie. My Aunt had never read a YA novel before, so I gave her The Hunger Games and she fell totally in love with it. I was very proud of myself for introducing someone to YA :)

  5. Oh, such a sweet story! :)

    I remember giving my best friend the first Harry Potter book and saying to her "Either you will call me tomorrow and beg me to come over with the rest of the pile or not care at all"....

    Of course she called me! :D

    Same thing actually happened with both Twilight and Hunger Games - I pride myself on being her book-pusher and getting her hooked on all the good stuff ;)

  6. I have this book friend who keep recommenddifferent books or series. Stuff she has not read yet herself but think she will like and then shares oit with me. I always turn out loving the books and she turns out like; 'mwaa, could have been better' ^^.... It is really funny and she has made me read a great deal of good books through the years.
    But I love how you make a parent fangirl together with you. That's cool! And yet.. it must be kinda weird.

  7. My husband usually reads only nonfiction or P.G. Wodehouse. I introduced him to George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones, he became hooked, but I'm not sure he's happy about that.

  8. My dad introduced me to Ender's Game, and we spent hours talking about it after we both finished it. He loves the other books more than me, but we still both loved EG the same. We never got to see the movie together though, but I saw it alone and loved it!

  9. I really want to watch Ender's Game, but it'll prolly be by myself. The hubs is like 'it's about a kid, no thanks' and I'm all like- 'but Harrison Ford, you love Harrison Ford, and look at all those special effects!' Still working on him... =)

  10. Ender's Game was a great adaptation! I saw it in theaters with one of my friends.
    My Dad isn't much of a reader. He came to America when he was 14, so English classes were always a struggle for him in high school and college, and naturally he would've developed an aversion to reading for fun.
    We go to the movies together a lot though. We both love Hayao Miyazaki and superhero movies.

  11. Ender's Game actually got my "I hate reading" cousin to love books. It was her first book as an adult and now she reads constantly.

  12. I got my mom The Fault in Our Stars, and she loved it. :)

  13. I made my mom read The Book Thief and she was so mad at me because she loved it so much, but I didn't warn her that it would make her cry! It's also another great example of a well adapted movie that recently came out.

  14. Yep! I recently turned my mom into a puddle with The Fault in Our Stars. She loved it. My aunt has called my twice thanking me for suggesting Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley to her. My greatest accomplishment though, is my husband who "Never Reads". We traveled a lot by car last year and I sat there and read him every single word of the Hunger Games books (sadly the movie was a disappointment for him after the book. He declared that they just didn't do as good a job as the book. Me: Welcome, my love to the land of reel disappointment). Then I told him he was on his own with audio books. He worked his way through the Under the Never Sky series (that he loved), Graceling (which he loved), and recently Ender's Game (which he loved). I think I inwardly had a crazy person Carlton dance going on in my head because it has been a disappointment for 10 years that he has not shared this love of literature. I, of course, could not show him my total excitement or he might shy away like a feral cat, but I hope they put it in my obituary one day. Getting other people excited about a book I love makes me happy.

  15. My parents are both big readers, so I mostly just get to send them copies of books I know they will like and fangirl with them. (They really love that now that I'm a book blogger, I sometimes send them books they are looking forward to early if I got a review copy, haha.) However, my boyfriend is NOT a reader, so I keep my eye out for books I might be able to get him to read. I thought I had scored when I got him World War Z, but he's been half way through it for a year I think.... I shall try again!


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