Friday, March 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday Suggestions!

Have a great TTT topic? Did an awesome topic for a freebie that you think others would enjoy? Share them here! We will credit you with the great idea if we think it could work! We do try to keep the topic fairly general so as not to exclude a huge group of readers. For example, Top Ten Vampire Books or Top Ten Books Set in Russia would be probably too specific for the group as a whole but would make a great freebie topic if you wanted to do it!

After almost 3 years of coming up with TTT topic (and not doing TOO much repeating)..I'm definitely hitting a wall. I'm going to revisit the old topics that we did WAY in the beginning but also holler if you like any of those and want it to come back.

Thanks you guys for making Top Ten Tuesday so much fun! I am always amazed at the great discussion and comments that I end up having here and on my own blog come Top Ten Tuesday day (not to mention the crazy amounts of books I end up adding).

Leave suggestions in the comments so others can weigh in! Or if you feel more comfortable, email me at brokeandbookish (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. I always think of good ones when it's NOT a freebie week and then I forget them!

    Book Turn-offs (ex. insta-love, words mispelled, ect.)

    Books you would give a high school class to read if you were the teacher

    Songs you would give to certain book couples

  2. How about 'Top Ten Books I Will Never Forget'? In case that has not already been done, I think that every reader can connect to it and talk about the books they have loved the most and/or have changed their lives. : )

  3. Top Ten Books You Hated But Were Made To Read
    Top Ten Favorite Books Featuring Animals
    Top Ten Books Nobody Has Read But You
    Top Ten Publishers
    Top Ten Bookish Friends of You
    Top Ten Bookish Blogs You Follow

    Just some of my ideas...

    Have a nice day!

  4. I just joined Top Ten Tuesday this year and here are some previous topics that I think would be good repeats: Favourite book quotes, favourite villains, and favourite covers.

    I also have an idea for a topic that I don't think has been used: Top Ten Opening Lines (from books).

    I love Top Ten Tuesday and wanted to say thanks for creating it and keeping it up! :)

  5. I'm not sure what has already been done but here's some that came to mind:

    Top Ten People in Publishing (publicists, cover artists etc)
    Top Ten Blog Features
    Top Ten Worlds (be it a time period, dystopian society, science-fiction)
    Top Ten Best Ways to Advertise Your Blog.

  6. Top Ten Secondary Characters
    Top Ten Moments In A Book That You Wish Could Last Forever
    Top Ten Sequels
    Top Ten Writing Styles You Wish You Could See More Of (first person, third person, diary style, epistolary, etc)

    I'll keep thinking!

  7. Top Ten Secondary Characters
    Top Ten Moments In A Book That You Wish Could Last Forever
    Top Ten Sequels
    Top Ten Writing Styles You Wish You Could See More Of (first person, third person, diary style, epistolary, etc)

    I'll keep thinking!

    1. I was thinking Secondary Characters as well, more specifically best friends.

  8. I would love to do Top 10: Final Lines of a Book! I guess that might be a Spoiler Alert but I think it'd be fun!!

    1. I did something like that on my blog recently--it was a lot of fun! =) But yeah, I had to put a spoiler warning before the entry just to be on the safe side ;)

  9. could you also do things like: with a color/animal/flower, etc in the title? title starting with a B? or top ten set in a foreign country?

  10. "Top Ten Final Lines of a Book" is one I've always wanted to do!! Some of them still stop my heart when I read them!

    1. TOTALLY agree with you on this one. I'd love to do this topic!

  11. could you also do things like:with a color/animal/flower, etc in the title? title starting with a B? or top ten set in a foreign country?

  12. I'm relatively new to these top 10 tuesdays so I haven't participated yet and don't know if these have already been done.

    to play off munchie11's about top 10 Opening Lines of a book :)

    Top 10 favorite book blogging resources/events
    Top 10 authors/book characters you'd like to have over for dinner or happy hour
    Top 10 authors/book characters you'd like to have for you BFF
    Top 10 favorite book settings

    I'll keep thinking about it and hope to participate in one of these sometime soon!

    1. I like the idea of the characters you'd have over for dinner or have as your BFF!

  13. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we really appreciate you coming to us for suggestions, ladies! To date, your TTT topics are pretty impressive and will be hard to beat.

    Here are a few of my suggestions:

    Top Ten Book To Movie Adaptations
    Top Ten Cliches In Books
    Top Ten Books That Didn't Need To Be Made A Series

    1. Love the books that didn't need to be series!!!

    2. Love the books that didn't need to be a series!

  14. I only started doing Top Ten Tuesday a few months ago, so I'm sorry if any of these ideas are repeats.

    Top Ten Series that Started Great but Ended Badly
    Top Ten Middle Books (as in the 2nd book of a trilogy)
    Top Ten Closing Lines (Danika already mentioned opening lines, which I totally love)
    Top Ten Book Prequels/Sequels by a Different Author
    Top Ten Movies Centered Around Books/Libraries
    Top Ten Books that Take Place in a Bookstore or Library
    Top Ten Favorite Bookstores/Libraries
    Top Ten Yummiest Sounding Foods in Books
    Top Ten Most Creative Book Projects You've Ever Done (reports, art projects, etc.)
    Top Ten Favorite Top-Ten Topics
    Top Ten Books You Were Glad You Gave a Second Chance

    I hope some of these ideas help.


  15. Fun!

    How about Top Ten books that Made You Laugh out Loud and Top Ten Romance-Free Books (sometimes you need a good ol'fashioned murder mystery-adventure story sans longing looks!)

  16. Top Ten Female Friendships
    Top Ten YA Tropes That Need to Die
    Top Ten Books Off the Beaten Path (books that aren't on the bestseller list and are virtually unknown)
    Top Ten Steampunk Books
    Top Ten YA Books You'd Suggest for a Person Who Isn't Into YA (Doesn't read it, think it's all love triangles, etc.)
    Top Ten Adult Fiction Books You'd Suggest for a Person Who Only Reads YA (Teen just getting into adult fiction, etc.)

    1. ooooh, seconding female friendships! I would LOVE to see people's lists!

  17. I couldn't limit myself to one genre during the "Top Ten Characters in X Genre", so I did Top Ten Character Arcs instead, and I liked doing that one a lot.
    Top ten friendships in books
    top ten favorite titles
    top ten books that influenced me in a profound way
    top ten bookish accessories

  18. Top Ten Reading Pet Peeves
    Top Ten Stand Alone Books You Wish Had Sequels
    Top Ten Books You Wish HADN'T Been Made Into Movies

  19. Top Ten Characters You Wish had been the Hero or Heroine

  20. Top Ten Character You Wish Had Been the Hero or Heroine instead of being Secondary

  21. Please forgive me if some of these have been done before!

    Top Ten Children's Books (we've all been children at one point, after all!)
    Top Ten Detectives
    Top Ten Favorite Covers (of all time)
    Top Ten Audiobooks (books which worked really well in audio)
    Top Ten Books You Wish Had Sequels (no fair including series that aren't finished yet!)
    Top Ten Books You Wish You Could Forget (or Top Ten Books You Wish You'd Never Read)
    Top Ten Books You Re-read Most Often
    Top Ten Reference Books (could be books you own, books you wish you owned, books you consult frequently -- and in any genre.)
    Top Ten Literary Quotes
    Top Ten Illustrators
    Top Ten Movie Adaptations
    Top Ten Books That Should Be Made Into Movies
    Top Ten Books You Couldn't Finish
    Top Ten Characters You Wish Hadn't Died
    Top Ten Characters You Resemble (or wish you did)

    I've only been doing Top Ten Tuesday for a little while, so I have no objections to revisiting older topics!

    1. I love the Characters you wish hadn't died and covers!!! These are great suggestions!! Love them!!! :)

  22. I just started doing TTT so sorry if you have already done some of these Top Ten books with the best settings.
    Top Ten Things you wish authors would put in books (Like more mother daughter relationship).
    Top Ten subjects you wish were in more books (like fairies).
    Top Ten best titles
    top ten books from your childhood.
    top ten books you wished you lived in.
    top ten relationships you hated.
    top ten books you wish would have different covers.
    Top Ten books that you hated the ending for the series.
    top ten books you wished more people read.

  23. Top ten antiheroes/reluctant villains?

  24. I can't remember if you've done this or if I spun it off one of your topics.

    Top 10 Contemporary books to pair with school assigned reading. ie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower paired with The Catcher in the Rye.

  25. I've always thought Top Ten Parents in Books would be fun.
    Top Ten Favorite made-up words (ex. Quidditch)

  26. How about top ten books you love that you would never have read if someone didn't force them upon you?

  27. I haven't being doing TTT for too long so sorry if these are not new.

    Top Ten places/settings in books that you wish you could visit in real life. Or something like that.

    Top Ten Books you read for school that you hated or you could go the other way...that your really enjoyed.

  28. What about top ten picture books? I think most of us have fond (or maybe not so fond) memories of certain picture books from our childhood. One of mine is Corderoy, simply because my kindergarten teacher had a giant sized copy of it (seriously like 3 feet long) that I thought was THE coolest thing ever. I now have one of those giant read-aloud copies of Corderoy, stashed away for my future children.

    or possibly (some of these I'm sure have been done before)
    top ten books about friendship
    top ten non-fiction
    top ten books about a culture besides your own (I LOVE books about mid-East, Asia, and India)
    TT heroines/heros

  29. I didn't think I had any ideas but once I started thinking I came up with a bunch!

    Top Ten Proposals
    Top Ten Best Friends
    Top Ten Covers with X on the cover (ex. dress, flowers, shoes, etc.)
    Top Ten Book Titles
    Top Ten Time periods
    Top Ten Character Names
    Top Ten Books you've wanted to read for a long time but still haven't
    Top Ten Books you loved but still don't own
    Top Ten Reading quirks
    Top Ten Series you wish would never end
    Top Ten Non-Fiction
    Top Ten Favorite plots
    Top Ten You wish had a sequel

    1. Top Ten character names is cool!

    2. I like Top 10 Character Names as well!

    3. LOVE Top Ten Character Names too!!!!

  30. Top Ten Characters you'd like to see on a reality show
    Top Ten Spin-offs you wish would be written (like I want books from Lily and James Potters school years)
    Top Ten non-romatic friendships
    Top Ten dream bookish vacations

  31. Top Ten Favorite Chapters (can be from the same book, same series, or different books)

    Also I think you may have done these, but:

    Top Ten Literary Destinations (places you've been or would like to go that have a literary connection)
    Top Ten Favorite Libraries and/or Bookstores

  32. Top Ten Series You Started But Still Need to Finish
    Top Ten Favorite Protagonists
    Top Ten Book/Drink Combinations
    Top Ten Book/Song Combinations
    Top Ten Favorite Cover Redesign
    Top Ten Covers That Never Should Have Been Redesigned

  33. Top Ten Books featuring people of color

    Because we are, sadly, still underrepresented in books, in the publishing industry, and in the blogosphere. And diversity is a wonderful educator, so we should all try our utmost to be conscious of how we incorporate it into our lives and passions.

  34. A number of weeks ago now we did Top Ten Bookish Memories... I do not possess many bookish memories so I altered my post to Top Ten Bookish Memories I Hope To Have... The topic seemed to go down pretty well, with even a couple of comments saying they'd like to do the post too as a TTT.

    My Post (Just for reference)

  35. Top 10 Innovative Book Designs
    Top 10 Books Grounded in Nature
    Top 10 Redemptions
    Top 10 Character Quirks
    Top 10 Words on the Blurb
    Top 10 from 10 Years Ago
    Top 10 plot points that make you squirm

  36. Top 10 Books that Took Place on the East Coast (USA)
    Top 10 Books that Took Place on the West Coast
    Top !0 Best Epilogues

  37. Top Ten Books to Reread
    Top Ten Love Interests
    Top Ten Characters I Can Relate To
    Top Ten Characters I Admire
    Top Ten Favorite Genres

    (Hopefully these haven't been done before; there have been too many Top Ten Tuesdays for me to remember lol!)

  38. I sent you an email last week about partnering up with the Fairytale Fortnight posts! Not sure if you saw it.


  39. LOVE - Top Ten Books You Want To Turn Into A Movie

  40. I had a few that seemed to already be suggested so I will just second those

    Top Ten Best Friend
    Top Ten Books You Could Totally See As A Hit Movie
    Top Ten Spinoffs
    Top Ten Surprises You Didn't See Coming
    Top Ten Cliffhangers

  41. Top Ten Books I Should Have Cried Reading
    Top Ten Bad Boy Crushes
    Top Ten Funniest Books
    and I recently did Top Ten Secondary Characters as a freebie pick.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  42. I havent been following the blog for very long, so I'm not sure if you've done this yet, but id love to see a top ten non fiction.

  43. Top 10 Characters You Love to Hate

  44. Top 10 villains
    Top 10 books that someone would love (just not me)
    Top 10 zaniest characters
    Top 10 memoirs or other true tales
    Top 10 books from your childhood
    Top 10 books you read in high school or college
    Top 10 books that taught you something
    Top 10 books that you've read more than once

    (Sorry if any are repeats...)

  45. I am not sure I have anything new to contribute. I love ideas of series that should not have been a series, standalones that should have been series, and books I am glad that I gave a second chance. Someone else suggested a book/drink pairing, but I was going to suggest a book/snack pairing. I would love to see some lists that get me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I feel like I have the same ten books on my lists....because they are awesome and my favorite. But I could do a better job of sharing the love...How about the top ten books that you forget to recommend because you are too busy gushing over the latest flavor of the month (I am so guilty of this!)

  46. Oh! Another. Top Ten Under the Radar Reads. Those lovely little books that you love and no one else seems to talk about.

  47. Top 10 bravest characters you've ever read
    Top 10 books that need new adaptations asap
    Top 10 books set in [feature country here]
    Top 10 books written by a [feature nationality here]
    Top 10 funniest characters
    Top 10 romantic sentences (I did something like this recently on my blog; it was a lot of fun)
    Top 10 books written in the 19th century
    Top 10 books written in the 20th century

    I also second the person who suggested top 10 non-fiction titles =D

  48. Top Ten Books You'd Read if I was Your Teacher!

  49. How about Top ten reveals (Spoiler warnings apply :) )? That moment when what's going on starts to fall into place and you feel that tingle all over - excitement, horror, but whatever it is, it snuck up on you and it's caused a visceral reaction

  50. I tried to read them all so I wouldn't have any repeats, but here are my suggestions:

    Top Ten Short Stories
    Top Ten Compilations/Anthologies - always a great way to discover new authors
    Top Ten Books Club Recommendations - books you can't wait to talk about

  51. Top Ten Short stories
    Top Ten Compilations/Anthologies
    Top Ten Book Club Recommendations - books you just can't wait to talk about

  52. I just thought of a another fun one: Siblings

  53. Just thought of another-
    Top Ten Bookish Things You'd Swear By (Product, site, store, etc.)

  54. How about 'Top Ten books in 10 years'? -- you choose a ten year period and list your favorite book for each year (either by publication year or by the year you read them.) Could be a fun little trip down memory lane!

  55. Top Ten most outrageous names in books! (People, places, etc)


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