Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jamie Showers You With Mini-Reviews!

I've read a bunch of good book lately (with some stinkers for me personally in between) and I'd like to share the ones I've enjoyed with you!

If you are looking for a historical fiction novel that isn't TOO historical feeling...

Set in New Orleans in the 1950's, Out of the Easy is a story that off the bat gives you the vibe of the Big Easy that Josie knows -- dangerous, gritty and hard to leave. The characters in this novel are the shining star so I highly recommend for people who love characters that jump off the page. You'll find yourself falling in love with a whole host of characters you wouldn't normally love or meet. The plot meanders a little bit but Josie's story was captivating and you can't help but root for her. There's a little bit of everything -- mystery, romance, complicated mother-daughter issues and a girl's journey to fight for her dreams. (Goodreads | Full Review On My Blog)

If you are looking for a contemporary that is light and cute...

 Going Vintage was an adorably fun read of one girl's adventure in getting over her cheating boyfriend (who cheated with a girl ONLINE) by swearing off all things modern and tackling a list of goals she found that her grandmother wrote down when she was in high school. You can imagine the hilarious things that come up as she attempts to live free of all the modern technologies and conveniences we rely on. It's not a "change your life" type of read but perfect for when you need something fun to breeze through and I loved how Mallory struggled to figure out who SHE was outside of that relationship. Something even an old married lady can relate to! Lots of good character growth! ( Goodreads | Full Review On My Blog)

If you are looking for a contemporary that brings all the FEELS...

 This is one of my favorite books I've read so far this year. It's a slim book but brings quite the emotional rendering as the MC, Travis, is home on leave after being in Afghanistan for a year with the Marines and he's dealing with the various changes at home, the ways he has changed and the grief from losing his best friend and fellow Marine. It's one of the best male POVs I've ever read and Trish Doller is an amazing writer who will make you feel things so deep down in the depth of your heart and soul. This story will stick with me for a long time. It's beautiful, honest, achingly raw and one of those examples of why I love realistic fiction. Seriously a must read if you love contemporary YA! (Goodreads | Full Review On My Blog)

If you are looking for an intense read...

 Pretty Girl-13 is an intense read about a girl who was kidnapped when she was 13 and shows up in front of her home only to realize she's been missing for 3 years but has absolutely no memory of what happened or where she was. It's a heartbreaking mystery that is so intricately woven around our MC's very fragile mind which holds all the knowledge of what happened. If you are fascinated by psychology, this is a good one. It's really intense and disturbing but I didn't find it to be graphic. I couldn't put it down as I figured out things and had to watch Angie figure them out and then find out things right alongside her. All of the pieces of her kidnapping and captivity were just perfectly unraveled! (Goodreads | Full Review To Come Tomorrow On My Blog)

Have you read any of these? Heard of them? Tell me what you thought if you've read any of them!


  1. Sounds like some great books. Will definitely need to check them out!

  2. Great reviews! I can't wait to read Going Vintage ... I think it looks so cute! And I think I have Something Like Normal at my library ... I love a good contemporary!

  3. Going Vintage seriously was adorable! Perfect for when you need a lighter read! SLN was one of my favorites I've read so far this year!!

  4. Those sound great! :) I love the idea of a mini review, I might adapt it for my blog. (i'll give you credit for the idea, of course!) :)

  5. So excited to read Going Vintage! Crossing my fingers NetGalley comes through and I can read it soon :) Have Out of the Easy on my shelf but I gotta read Between Shades of Grey first....I know, I KNOW! I'll get to it soon! :)

  6. Was the mini-review for Something Like Normal because it was one of those times when you couldn't put into words how awesome a favorite book is? :D

  7. I'm reading Out of the Easy soon, as I just picked it up from the library today! I can't wait, especially since I love a good character ;)

  8. Hi there! I am a new subscriber. I love how you linked to the Goodreads giveaways! I entered to win Out of the Easy. I love books set in New Orleans. New Orleans becomes a character of its own.


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