Friday, September 14, 2012

Paula Poses a Question (or two)

Hiya! So I have a bit of a discussion today. I've currently been finishing up the Maze Runner trilogy. I read The Maze Runner well over a year ago and finally decided to finish the last two (and I don't know why I waited so long because I really loved the first one ANYWAY). As I was starting The Scorch Trials I was really forced to remember exactly what happened in the first book. This led my brain on a weird tangent of remembering books that I read around the same time. Mainly being Feed by M.T Anderson.

Point being: Have you all ever read a book that you were "meh" on at the time but then keep remembering all of the time and see hints of it in daily life. Because that is what Feed has done to me. My rating for it on Goodreads is 3 stars. But let me tell you. This book has engrained itself into me. For those of you who don't know the premise- it's an dystopian/apocalyptic YA novel that is about everyone being plugged into the internet all of the time. If you look at something - in your field of vision advertisements will pop up for similar items. You can buy things just by thinking about wanting it. etc etc. And every time I see advancements in technology, Google Goggles especially, this book weasels its way into my thoughts.  Do you have any book that you have found that you like a lot more as time goes on OR a book that just wont let you go (in a good or bad way)

ALSO: As I now read the final Maze Runner book- I am wowed by how good this series is. (I put down Scorch Trials and immediately started The Death Cure not even 5 minutes later- AHH TECHNOLOGY AND EREADERS AND LOOK FEED IS HAPPENING BECAUSE I BOUGHT IT OUT OF THIN AIR. erm. sorry.) I am surprised by how little reception this series gets... Probably because it came out amongst a swell of apocalyptic YA novels.. so do you all have a series that you really are head over heels about (current or older) that you feel don't get enough attention? (I feel like we had a TTT about this... but I'm curious now)

Tell me your thoughts! I'm going to go finish The Death Cure now :D


  1. I remember reading The Maze Runner. Coincidentally, that was actually a book I didn't much like at the time but even as time passes I find myself thinking about it over and over. I almost love it now, and I haven't read it in, what, a year? The idea didn't catch me until long after I'd finished it. It's such an odd feeling, isn't it? :D

  2. I actually read all 3 Maze Runner books right in a row, and thank goodness, because they have a lot of interconnected details! I really enjoyed the series, but I think that it was overshadowed by the Hunger Games trilogy. However, I think the series is just as worthwhile to read.

    I also am sure there are books that keep popping up in my head. . . but being put on the spot, I can't think of one right now! I can't wait to read other people's responses with their book thoughts!

  3. I LOVED the Maze Runner, liked Scorch Trials, but am still not happy with how the Death Cure ended. I hope you review it and share your opinions! I feel that this series doesn't get the hype the first book absolutely deserved because of the last book.... But the Glader world is AWESOME and all the conspiracies had my head spinning in the best way!!

  4. I felt the same way about Delirium when I first read it. I think I gave it a 3 in Goodreads and then I kept talking about it all the time and thinking about it all the time until months and months later I literally went back in and did an update to my review changing my original rating of it because of the effect it had on me! It completely consumed my mind to the point that I now have a quote from the book now tattooed into my skin forever! Delirium is now one of my favorite books after letting it marinate, to the point that I haven't read Pandemonium even though it's sitting on my shelf all pretty because I'm scared to death I won't like it or I'll be disappointed.
    Another would be Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, that one scared the crap out of me! I HATED it when I read it but the truth is that it does exactly what it's supposed to do...horrify you! She's brilliant!

  5. To answer the second question... Yes.

    I absolutely love the Bloody Jack series by L.A. Meyer, but I feel like it is somewhat ignored lately. The focus seems to be on the future (either dystopian or not) or on fantasy/paranormal, but no one seems all that keen on some good ole historical fiction. The books are amazing. The main character is a great role model. And the history is pretty spot on.

    Plus it is a series that will take awhile to get through, but not feel like it takes that long. Book 10 just came out and even though I haven't gotten the chance to read it yet, I know it will be awesome just like all the others in the series.

  6. I think that it's easy in today's publishing environment for an author with a really good idea to really bomb at writing a story around it. Therefore it doesn't surprise me when the idea sticks in my head, or a character or some other part of the book that was a gem, while the book as a whole flopped. I also have this reaction to The Dark Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop because the amount of gore really grossed me out, but the story was so epic, that it keeps tempting me....

    Also as to the second question, yes totally. I'm a huge fan girl of older sci-fi and fantasy that would be super popular if it was published now, but because it was published before these genres became mainstream, it will forever be a cult classic at best. My current love are the Princess series by Jim C. Hines!



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