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Bookish Deals (5) - Top Ten Banned Books 2011

Happy Saturday, everyone! Welcome to today's biweekly edition of Bookish Deals where I (Julia) try to scour the internet to find you guys an array of deals to fit in with any budget!

Seeing as tomorrow is the start of Banned Books week, I decided to use this post to highlight the top ten books that were banned in the year 2011 as reported by the ALA and the Office for Intellectual Freedom.

The Internet Girls Series by Lauren Myracle - $6.95 (paperbacks)
"an epistolary novel entirely out of IM transcripts between three high-school girls"
ttyl (AZ | BN)
ttfn (AZ | BN)
l8r, g8r (AZ | BN)

Reasons Banned: offensive language; religious viewpoint; sexually explicit; unsuited to age group

The Color Trilogy by Kim Dong Hwa - Various (paperbacks)
"A trilogy about a girl coming of age, set in the vibrant, beautiful landscape of pastoral Korea"
The Color of Earth (AZ | BN)
The Color of Water (AZ | BN)
The Color of Heaven (AZ | BN)

Reasons Banned: sex education; sexually explicit; unsuited to age group

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins - $5 - $10
"Could you survive on your own, in the wild, with everyone out to make sure you don't live to see the morning?"
The Hunger Games (AZ | BN)
Catching Fire (AZ | BN)
Mockingjay (AZ | BN)

Reasons Banned: anti-ethnic; anti-family; insensitivity; offensive language; occult/satanic; violence

My Mom's Having A Baby! A Kid's Month-by-Month Guide to Pregnancy  by Dori Hillestad Butler - $6.95

"Elizabeth's mom is having a baby, and the whole family is involved. Elizabeth learns all about the baby's development, and she traces his growth, month by month."

Reasons Banned: nudity; sex education; sexually explicit; unsuited to age group

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie - $9.99
"Heartbreaking, funny, and beautifully written, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, which is based on the author's own experiences, coupled with poignant drawings by acclaimed artist Ellen Forney, that reflect the character's art, chronicles the contemporary adolescence of one Native American boy as he attempts to break away from the life he was destined to live."

Reasons Banned: offensive language; racism; religious viewpoint; sexually explicit; unsuited to age group

Alice Series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor - Various
"Alice McKinley is about to become a teenager, but she doesn't know how. Her mother has been dead for years, and what do her father and her nineteen-year-old brother, Lester, know about being a teenage girl?"

All 25 books.

Reasons Banned: nudity; offensive language; religious viewpoint

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - $8.99-$9.99
"Aldous Huxley's tour de force, "Brave New World" is a darkly satiric vision of a "utopian" future—where humans are genetically bred and pharmaceutically anesthetized to passively serve a ruling order."

Reasons Banned: insensitivity; nudity; racism; religious viewpoint; sexually explicit

What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones - $7.99
"My name is Sophie.
This book is about me.
It tells
the heart-stoppingly riveting story
of my first love.
And also of my second.
And, okay, my third love, too."

Reasons Banned: nudity; offensive language; sexually explicit

Gossip Girl Series by Cecily Von Ziegesar - Various
"Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I live, go to school, play, and sleep--sometimes with each other."

All 13 books.

Reasons Banned: drugs; offensive language; sexually explicit

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - $7.99
"Compassionate, dramatic, and deeply moving, To Kill A Mockingbird takes readers to the roots of human behavior - to innocence and experience, kindness and cruelty, love and hatred, humor and pathos."

Reasons Banned: offensive language; racism

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  1. ooh there's a few on here that I haven't read that sound super interesting. Especially that first one!

    1. Yeah, I think I read ttyl back when I was in high school or shortly there after. It wasn't bad and the concept pretty cool.

  2. It makes me crazy that there are so many great titles here that are deemed "unfit" for reader consumption. Thanks for firing me up for Banned Book Week.

  3. I always love Banned Books Week. Somehow I always discover a good book or two each year.

    1. That is true! It's sad that we have to do it though ... but happy that we find good books to read!

  4. Wow. The Alice series is banned? That seems CRAZY to me. I absolutely love Alice and all her crazy antics, but at the core, it's a totally innocent book series. I just saw my copies yesterday... and oh, now I feel like reading them again.

    1. I know. None if these made any sense to me. Then again all book banning makes no sense...


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