Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kimberly reviews Claim to Fame

Book: Claim to Fame

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

Rating: 4.5 stars

Why I read it: I love the author and the plot sounded interesting.

Lindsay Scott used to TV’s most popular child star. Then she started to hear everything that was being said about her, all the time, and from every place on the globe. After her apparent nervous breakdown, Lindsay disappears from the public eye until, years later. A tabloid claims her father is holding her hostage. Although the truth is actually much stranger, the article triggers a series of events that forces 16-year-old Lindsay to finally confront who she really is.

This book was such an entertaining read! I had picked it up on a whim because I liked the author and the plot seemed interesting. And I liked the cover, usually I do not like covers with faces on them, but I liked this. I really got pulled into the story right from the start. There is just something about the way that the author writes that really draws me in. The characters are so likeable. The story was face paced and kept my attention. It kept me guessing too. Lindsay’s abilities are intriguing, and I wanted to know why she was like that and what was going to happen next. 

I like the amount of detail that she puts into her books. Lindsay used to be a child star and she describes her life on the TV show. The author did enough research that she knew what life was really like for a child star and was able to describe it in detail.

One of the things I liked so much about the book is how well paced and balanced it is. It’s never slow, but it doesn’t feel rushed. There are moments that are very serious, but it also has a lot of humor. I wasn’t constantly riding an emotional roller coaster. Even though it’s YA, there isn’t an overload of angst. 

So if you’re looking for an easy, quick read, I highly recommend this. I’ve read most of the books by the author and they’re all good too.


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  2. I haven't read this Haddix book, but I like some of her others and this one sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out!

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