Monday, November 29, 2010

Jen Attempts To 'Jumpstart the World'

Author:  Catherine Ryan Hyde
Published:  Knopf, October 2010
How I Got It:  Purchased for my nook
Rating: 5 stars


Jumpstart the World by Catherine Ryan Hyde is fantastic read.  The book isn’t even 200 pages long but it is filled with so much emotion.  You’ll feel happy, sad, grateful, encouraged, guilty, depressed but also inspired and ready the change the world.  Ultimately, I think this book is about acceptance and tolerance. 

Sixteen-year old Elle has just moved into her very first apartment, her only companion is the cat she just got from a shelter (she picked the least friendly cat out of the bunch).  Her mother’s new boyfriend doesn’t like teenagers so instead of kicking him to the curb Elle gets kicked out.  Her mother pays for the apartment (which is on the other side of town) and checks in every so often.

The only neighbors Elle gets to know are Frank and his girlfriend, Molly.  They live in the apartment next to Elle and even share a fire escape.  Elle takes an instant liking to Frank.  She develops a crush on him and is devastated when she unexpectedly finds out that Frank is transgender.  He’s currently in the process of going from a female to a male.  Needless to say it came as quite a shock to Elle.  The last half of the book is about Elle dealing with the aftermath of finding out about Frank.  She's not really sure what to think about it or how to react to it.

*One random fact about Elle:  Do not steal a cab from her, especially if she is upset about something.

Lately I've been trying to write down my favorite quotes from books.  These are my four favorite quotes from Jumpstart the World:

"Words are important...words are the tools we use for making peace with the world" - Chapter 3
“You’re supposed to make mistakes.  You’re just starting out.  Mistakes are a good thing.  They mean you were brave enough to try something hard” – Chapter 6
“Sometimes you have to jumpstart the world just to get it to be what even the world admits it should be” – Chapter 12

“I decided that not talking is like a litmus test for a real friend.  You can just sit there and be.  Not always be filling up the air with words” – Chapter 14

I loved this book.  I definitely think it is a must read for everyone.  It’s a great story about learning to accept others even if they're different.  Plus there are funny chapter titles like, “The Heartbreak of Too Many Guys Named Bob” and “Mascara, and Other Things That Run”. 

On Hyde's website she has a list of Five Ways To Jumpstart The World.  Please go take a look at them. She has some great ideas.


  1. I've heard wonderful things about this book! I've heard it's very inspiring and it sounds that way from your review. I believe this is the same author as Pay It Forward? I loved that movie and never realized it was a book!

  2. This sounds like a GREAT book! I added it to my TBR List. I also love that you posted that link to her website of the list she made. Those points are so true and if everyone in this world could just do a little at a time, we'd have a much happier place. Thanks for reviewing this!

  3. This one is going right on my list. Thank you!

  4. I passed the Versatile Blogger Award onto you. You can check it out here if you'd like:

  5. This sounds excellent! It's definitely going on my to-read list.

  6. It really is such a great book and definitley inspiring! I hope everyone gets a chance to read it soon!

  7. I'm adding it right away to my wishlist! Thank you for the recommendation.

  8. Okay, I totally love the random fact about Elle! That part was hilarious! Albeit a very stressful point in the book, it was still pretty funny. Love the choices on your quotes also. I could have picked a dozen as I went through reading, because it was so good.

    Fabulous review!


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