Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Daisy's Top Ten Shows From Her Childhood

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This week's topic: In honor of Fall Tv, do a tv-themed topic!

I'm feeling nostalgic and am doing Top Ten TV Shows of my childhood (AKA anything aired in the 90s) (keep in mind that I was between 3 and 13 years old during this time).

1. Full House: This series is one of my favourites and I'm actually in the middle of doing a re-watch of it (yay for Netflix) and I just love it! The dynamic between Danny, Jesse and Joey and the girls is so much fun and as a kid I totally identified with Michelle cause she was about the same age I was but also thinking DJ was SO cool. I'm also watching Fuller House btw.

2. The Secret World of Alex Mack: I remember totally loving this series, but aside from her her turning invisible/liquid and being chased because of her new powers, I don't really remember much of it other than that it was just a lot of fun.

3. Sweet Valley High: the 'good' twin and the 'bad' twin and all the shenanigans they got up to! I only discovered a couple of years ago that it's a book series, I really need to find myself a copy some day!

4. Saved by the Bell: SO MUCH FUN!! I mean, there were ships and boys to crush on! (you cannot tell me I was the only one with a crush on Zack) I'm not much of a fan of the follow up series with a new cast, cause it just wasn't the same.

5. Xena Warrior Princess: What can I say, I already loved mythology from a young age and was more into Xena than the Hercules show because girls kicking ass is awesome any day.

6. Ovide: Animals gettings up to all kinds of things on a deserted island. The intro music alone is awesome and stuck in my head now for days.

7. The Nanny: Just all of it: Fran, the kids, Mr. Sheffield, NILES. Loved it.

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Because OBVIOUSLY!! I mean, hello one of my favourite series ever! I should continu my rewatch of this.

9. Charmed: Witches are my jam. And these sisters are awesome, though I still prefer Prue to Paige. I loved this so much I even wrote a Harry Potter/Charmed crossover fanfic in the very early 2000s.

10. Popular: The bitchiness, the shenanigans, the ships (HARRISON) and then the SAD SAD SAD that it ended after only 2 seasons on the world's biggest cliffhanger. *sad sigh*


  1. Ahhh I love Charmed! I actually rewatched the whole show a couple years ago. I can't even really justify it to myself because...objectively speaking it's not a show that's so amazing one should rewatch it. But I find myself wanting to watch episodes all the time haha. Also Phoebe will always be my favourite sister always

  2. Sweet Valley High was a TV SERIES? WHAT?! That's funny that you were surprised to find out they were books:).

  3. Zomg... POPULAR! I Loved that show. Nicole Julian was such a bitch! And Mary Cherry made me laugh.
    I loved that couple who were living in the science teacher's basement after for some reason why got married? Such a bizarre show.

  4. Great list of shows, Daisy. I'm familiar with almost all of them. Buffy and Charmed were "do not miss" shows for a while.

  5. I watched most of these! I was IN LOVE with Full House as a kid. :) I really adored Popular! It was so perfect and I was so sad when it was canceled. :(

  6. Oh nice! I remember a lot of these as well!!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  7. Great list! I loved Full House, Saved By the Bell and The Nanny when I was a kid! We don't have Full House on Netflix here in the States though I did watch season one of Fuller House. It didn't quite have the same charm. Of course I may feel differently about the original show if I watched it now.

    I don't think I ever watched Sweet Valley High though I loved the books. My sister and I both devoured them and shared the books between us.

  8. Fantastic list and Full House is my all time favorite show!

  9. I remember watching Saved By The Bell, Full House and The Secret Life Of Alex Mack as a kid, but I didn't know that Sweet Valley High was a t.v. show! I loved the books as a kid, though! Great list!

    Nicole @ Reading Books With Coffee

  10. What is there not to love about Xena and Charmed? :-D

  11. Being a 90s kid myself, it seems like on of these shows was always playing in the background. If not then, definitely now! Half the time my sister's watching reruns of Full House or The Nanny (the all caps for NILES is essentially, of course). I remember loving Xena myself. Oooh, and Hercules! I really need to rewatch those two. ^_^

  12. BtVS FTW! And oh man, I'd forgotten all about Alex Mack until now...I was obsessed back in the day (I even read some of the tie-in books)!

  13. Ah, Charmed! I really liked. Well, maybe not the last few season, when the show kind of started to get... I dunno. It just started to not feel as cool. I have to agree, I also prefer Prue. The first three (?) season, I guess, where the coolest, most fun. I remember how scary that wedding episode in the first season felt. Or how scary fun it was to watch a re-run (I think) of the Wendigo episode together with my cousin one night during Summer (no idea how old we were then).
    Yeah, I also liked Sweet Valley High. I don't remember much of it, but I know I liked it, and found it fun.
    Popular! I really loved it. And I totally forgot to mention it on my TTT cancelled show list. But that was some really, really cruel cliffhanger. Like, seriously, producers? I've even re-watched it online in the hopes that on Latvian TV we just didn't get all the seasons, but then, of course, I found out that it was cancelled. So sad. I really loved that show. I guess I should rewatch it. And Sweet Valley High, too. :D

  14. I liked the Nanny! I've never seen Sweet Valley High but I read a few Sweet Valley High books which I liked!

    I still watch it #noshame

  16. My top 10 I made with cartoons of my childhood, great tópic! I love to make the top 10 Tuesday :D


  17. I was obsessed with The Secret World of Alex Mack as a kid. I even bought some of the books that they based on the show.

  18. I LOVE the Nanny! It's a classic. I didn't do a Top 10 this week, but today and tomorrow have tv show posts. Back with a list next week.

    Lisa @ https://hopewellslibraryoflife.wordpress.com/

  19. OMG I watched EVERY single one of these shows (except Popular) and they each are epic in their own way :)

  20. Nice list. I love The Nanny. Fran was my hero. And I can't believe I'm only discovering Buffy now.

  21. Hope I did everything right (I'm in the list). :) I posted the link to my first TTT. :) Loved the topic. :)
    *waves at all* :)

    Isabella from Mikku-chan :)

    1. Isabella/Mikku-chan @ https://mikkuchan.wordpress.com/

  22. Oh my gosh! This bring back memories. The good old times! And I especially love Charmed. Totally obsessed with it last time. I even make the Book Spell together with two of my friends and we role-played together as Prue/Piper/Phoebe using our 'power'. Our parents thought were were studying lol. Anyway, yeah I prefer Prue instead of Paige too :)


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