Sunday, September 4, 2016

Lori Talks Reading Habits

Reading is a very personal experience--we all know that.  Reading is so internalized that two people can read the same book in completely divergent ways.  Every reader has their own quirks and habits as well.  And they are so much fun to read about.  Some are fairly standard, like bringing a book everywhere, just in case.  Others are a bit more controversial, like dog-earing pages.  Here are a couple of mine.

After I finish reading a book, I always sign my name and date it.  This is a habit I started a few years ago after reading about it in some article I read.  I thought it was a really interesting way of marking finality.  Almost as though the book doesn't really belong to you until you finish it and have internalized the story.  Needless to say, there are a bunch of books that I've read multiple times, but haven't re-read since I've begun signing my books, so they remain unsigned.  I also love how the date kind of helps keep track of what I've read and when.  The writer of the article mentioned the first book she read on her honeymoon, when she was able to write her new last name on the inside cover.  It's fun to note the milestones!

Lately, I've been shoving books at people--my dad, my very good friend, and a woman who goes to the Elks Lodge who asked me about what I was reading at the pool one day this summer.  They all get books that are signed and dated and I've wondered whether any of them have considered signing their name as well.  I wouldn't be mad if they did.  I'd think it was really interesting, kind of a record of whose hands the book has passed through when I may ultimately decide to get rid of it.  And then the next person who owns it might sign their name and so on...

Another habit of mine is that I've been putting the books I've finished in this big box in the bottom of the coat closet.  I don't know why really.  At some point since moving, I ran out of shelf space, so I needed somewhere to put the books I'd finished.  But I've gotten another shelf, so I would have room for these books again.  I kind of like putting them away after I finish them though.  I think it will be fun to eventually fill the box and then look back on what I've read, and how long it's taken me to fill it.

I've recently decided that I don't really like reviewing books.  Plus I have a hard time talking with substance about a book--the parts I liked, the parts I didn't, even the technical, craft of it--without spoilers.  And I don't read enough books quickly to be able to have a post of a couple of sentences on each book.  That's why I like Litsy.  I can post about the book while I'm reading it.  I can write a few sentences and I feel like I have contributed something.  No, I really very much prefer writing about bookish topics instead (and I'm so glad I get to do that here!).

Lastly, I sometimes feel like I've found a lucky bookmark.  If it's been a while since I've finished a book, but then I totally fly through a book, I'll decide that the bookmark has good juju, so I'll use it on the next book or two that I read.  Then, eventually, I'll pass into a period of not finishing many books in a while, so I'll stop using that bookmark.  (OK--one more--I'll use just about anything for a bookmark, even a gum wrapper)

What about you?  What are some of your reading habits?


  1. I don’t think I have any reading habits that are too unusual. I like to keep all my unread books on one shelf. I also organize some of my shelves by color because it’s easier for me to remember the color of the book than the title or author.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I enjoyed this post and reading about your reading habits. Here are a few of mine. I have shelves for cozy mysteries, non-fiction, mass market fiction and trade/hardback fiction. Each of these bookshelves are arranged alphabetically by author. I also try to match my bookmark to the book I am reading. I never ever dog-ear a book. My books look like they are not even read when I am done with them. I also give all of my books away when I am done reading them, so others can enjoy them as well. I am type A and have a touch of OCD so I have a few reading quirks.

  3. I like to read books with a pencil and write comments along the margins. What a neat idea to sign and date the books that you've read. I might just start doing that!

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  5. I love your bookish habits Lori! Especially the one about signing your name and dating the book once you've finished. I'm not sure I'd do that though, only because I've never really liked my signature and I think it'd "mess up" the book with my ugly signature.

    Also about the book reviews...before blogging I never reviews books. I was always too 'in a hurry' to read the next one. Sometimes I still think that but once I sit down to write the review I'm usually okay. But I'm still self-conscious about my reviews, I don't really think they are very good. I try to write how I feel nobody's watching. :)

    Lovely post,
    Miranda @ Miranda's Book Blog

  6. I'm the same way - I will use just about anything as a bookmark, so it can be pretty fun to look through old books and find old train tickets and candy wrappers and other bits and pieces slipped between the pages. :)

  7. I'm the kind of person who can use just about anything as a bookmark (envelopes, gum wrappers, the jacket flap if it's a hardback, etc) but there's one bookmark that is THE bookmark. In 6th grade I found it at a book fair and thought it was gorgeous and basically everything. A few years later I lost it...only to recently find another that was in perfect condition (15+ years later!!). :) Since then I've been using it for every book.

  8. I have two stacks of finished books. Ones I need to review and ones I've reviewed and I'm passing along to my sister. :)

    I like the idea of signing books when you finish them.

  9. This is interesting! I like learning about people's habits too. One habit I have is marking favorite books when I reread them, if I have other copies. Ex: I have hardcover Harry Potter and The Raven Cycle books that I don't touch, but I like to highlight and dog each favorite passages in my paperback copies. Sort of like a close reading or if I just want to read particular parts that I like. Other than that, I don't have too many habits! I tend to make piles of books that I want to read soon, on floating shelves and the tops of my shelves, but they're subject to change haha. It's sort of like a more immediate tbr. I do like writing reviews (it's rare I don't have something to say) so I usually write quick thoughts on Goodreads right after I finish a book. It helps me organize my thoughts, especially if it's a book my friends haven't read (so I don't have anyone to discuss it with!). I also started keeping a reading spreadsheet last year as a way to keep track of the reading challenges I was taking part in, and I continued it this year even without the challenges. I like the title, date read, rating, author, any notes, whether it's an arc/owned/bought, etc. And I like seeing the patterns and what I've read divided by months. I also try to bold the books I really loved so it's easier for me to pick my top ten lists at the end of the year :)


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