Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Books and Songs Edition

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We're all about books and music this week! 

Kimberly's Picks

1. Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin- We Are Young by FUN. Seriously. Just go listen to this song, it totally fits the book!
2. Nimona by Noelle Stevenson- Bad Blood by Bastille. This is for  Ballister Blackheart and Goldenloin, obviously. ;) 
3. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss- She Lit A Fire by Lord Huron. Okay, I may not actually like Denna that much, but this song fits how Kvothe talks about her PERFECTLY. 
4. Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley- Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling.  I feel like this fits Aza really well. The things that hold her back and all the events that start her adventure.

Jana's Picks

Oh wow, so Kimberly is awesome and came up with songs that actually fit books! I seriously can't think of anything, so my picks will just be songs that I wish WERE books. Like, an awesome story in a song that I wish I could read more about. 

5. A Horse with No Name by America 
I really love this song, and the desert setting is described so perfectly. I love books that take place in the desert! 

6. I Only Know How to Love by The Tenors
A love story that fits these lyrics would be amazing.

7. The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls
This song is so road-trippy to me! It reminds me of a cute summer contemporary with young love and no worries.

8. Lights by Ellie Goulding
This song gives me a sci-fi feeling. It tells a very cool story.

9. Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale
Again, I'm a fan of romance. This song is about a love that lasts and remains the same no matter what. If the world is ending, our love isn't. Love that! Maybe a time travel book?

10. Life is Getting Better by Javier Colon
This is a song for a character who is struggling. I see this working for a contemporary with a bit more depth for it.

What songs do you have theme songs for? Or... What songs do you wish were books?


  1. SO much YES to the pairing of Masque of the Red Death and We Are Young!! While reading that book I couldn't help but constantly think of the song and the other way around :) I think I even mentioned this in my review way back when.
    I love the other choices as well, will have to check out She Lit a Fire! :)

  2. Whoops! I apparently did next week's topic!! Lol! Though I would've struggled with this one as I don't really relate books and songs together well.
    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Oh I love this theme, I'm forever obsessing over beautiful lyrics and wanting to see them expanded more into a longer narrative form. :)

  4. The Great Escape would make such a good book! I definitely see a cute NA summer romance book for that one.:)

  5. Love Remains the Same would be an awesome book!

  6. I think this is going to keep me busy all day! I've been looking for new music to listen to!

  7. Yup, going to be listening to new music all day now... goodbye productivity!

    My TTT -http://thelaurenest.com/2016/02/16/top-ten-tuesday-tolkien-tunes/

  8. I love Shatter Me! I'm obsessed with Halestorm, so when I found out that Lzzy Hale teamed up with Lindsey Stirling, I was so excited! Lights Out and The Great Escape...nostalgia right there. I haven't heard/listened to them in forever. haha

    Unsurprisingly, I haven't read any of the books mentioned. I live under a rock I guess. lol

    My TTT: Songs I Wish Were Books

  9. Nimona would make a great movie--making a soundtrack for it would be fun, too! :)

    My TTT

  10. I like how you both answered this weeks challenge in a different way. It is always cool to see how different bloggers interpret the topic each week. It really brings out the creativity in those who post.

  11. Ooh, I haven't read The Name of the Wind yet, but I'll have to bookmark that song and listen to it when I do!

  12. I haven't read Nimona yet but bad blood by Bastille is my jam. I'll have to check it out now!
    My TTT

  13. Whenever I hear Dream by Imagine Dragons I think of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series.

  14. This turned into a super late TT Thursday, but I loved this prompt and did it anyway.



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