Monday, September 14, 2015

When Life Changes Disrupt Reading Habits

Hey guys! Jamie here!

September has been CRAZY thus far. I'll get to why in a minute. One of the reasons it has been crazy is due to a life change. I always find that, even the best of life changes, always seem to disrupt my life and my habits.

Let's take reading for example, when things are going pretty normal I typically average about the same books read per month -- give or take a couple depending on how busy that month is.

This month I have read 1 book so far. ONE BOOK. And while I recognize it's better than most of the population it is CRAZY for me to not have read at least a couple by now. And the book I read wasn't even long AT ALL.

So what's my life change?

MY HUSBAND AND I ADOPTED A DOG EXACTLY A WEEK AGO. His name is Finnikin (Finn for short) and he's totally named after a literary character I love. You can check out all the details here on my blog!

Since we've been married in the past 3 years we've had no pets or kids so adopting a dog is a pretty big life change to two people who do as they please and are spontaneous and have relatively few commitments in life.

It's amazing and I've loved every moment of spending time with him but things like blogging and reading and working out have just NOT happened. Like at all. And sure, some of my time is devoted to playing and to walking and spending time with him in this past week (and going to dog parks and Petco and all that jazz) but I know not ALL my time is devoted to him. I totally have just laid here on the couch with him when I could have been reading. I totally COULD be blogging when he's lazily sleeping. But I just haven't. I've mostly binge watched Game of Thrones season 1 while he lays on me.

I'm okay with all the spending time I'm doing with him. No regrets. But it's made me realize that any time I have a change in my life it takes me a little to bounce back. I feel exhausted even though it hasn't been THAT exhausting...he's a really good pup. For some reason, when my ~schedule~ or ~routine~ gets significantly shaken up I just kind of stop doing things I normally do. Even when I would love nothing more than to sit here and read. My brain just won't let me settle back in.

So that's where I'm at. So in love with my adorable little 1 year old beagle/bassett/pit mix and having so fun doing the dog thing. But also in my typical weird I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LIVE LIFE mode when change hits. There's probably some very psychological explanation (holla at me psych people who know!) but here's to hoping I can settle back down and starting adding normal Jamie things back in my life.


  1. This post is so relevant to where I'm at right now... I was reading enough to do 3-4 reviews a week now I am barely getting through one. Do you think it could be a seasonal thing too?

  2. Finn is SO CUTE. I am the same way as you. My kiddo just started Kindergarten and this life change has thrown me off my blogging game. I'm trying to get back into everything but it's hard. And yay to watching GoT. Are you liking it?

  3. Starting college has thrown me off my blogging game (and starting an online shop for fun bookish jewelry just before that) but now that I'm all settled in I'm trying to get back into it. I've noticed that every year I have at least one huge break where I don't read regularly for MONTHS but then the rest of the year I go absolutely insane and read like a book a day. Not even kidding. And I like it like that. (:


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