Monday, March 16, 2015

Kimberly Reviews A Dog Called Homeless

Book: A Dog Called Homeless
Author: Sarah Lean
Why I Read It: Goodreads Recommendation
Rating: 4.5 Stars

"My name is Cally Louise Fisher and I haven't spoken for thirty-one days. Talking doesn’t always make things happen, however much you want them to."

When Cally Fisher sees her dead mother, real as anything, no one believes her. So Cally stops talking – what’s the point if no one is listening?

The only other living soul who sees Cally's mum is a mysterious wolfhound who always seems to be there when her mum appears. But without a voice, how will Cally convince anyone that her mum is still with them, and how will she ever persuade her Dad that the huge silver-grey dog is their last link with her?
Cally is your typical kid. Stubborn, sweet and sometimes she talks a little too much. When someone suggests that she wouldn't be able to win the class fundraiser (not speaking for a whole day) she jumps right in to prove them wrong. Then she realizes, no one really noticed that she hadn't spoken, so she just stays quiet. Her family has been through a rough time. Her mother died, and while Cally is struggling to cope, so is everyone else.

I really loved this sweet book. I picked it up as a quick read, and fell in love with the sweet main character. There are a couple of very frustrating characters, and I found myself getting angry with them. However, there are a few other characters that I loved to keep the story engaging instead of frustrating.

This is a nice, quick MG read. It's very sweet and cute, I'd recommend it to about anyone!


  1. Aw it seems sweet. I probably won't read it until I have kids. I can't wait to have kids just so we can read books together :)

  2. Aw, sounds like it would be a sad book as well. Any book with animals just goes straight to my heart.


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