Monday, December 8, 2014

Julia Reviews Notes to Boys by Pamela Ribon

Title/Author: Notes to Boys by Pamela Ribon
Publisher/Year Published: Decmeber 2013 by Rare Bird Books
How I got this book: My coworker loaned it to me
Why I read this book: My coworker told me too :)
Rating: 4.5 stars

Pamela Ribon has been showing up a lot in my recent life. First of all, she shows up with that horrible barbie book nonsensebringing it all to life in her blog post. Then I see her name mentioned in a Smart Bitches post and think, "Oh! I recognize her! She is the one who wrote the hilarious thing on the sad barbie book". And finally, it came to a point when I looked at the book my friend from work had loaned me and realized it was her again. At that point I knew I was going to like this book. 

My friend had told me that this was their bookclub pick this month and most of the ladies had liked it though it took a bit to get into. I liked it from the beginning though did skim through some of the more cringe-worthy notes. 

Let me back up. This book is written on the concept that Pam saved all of the notes she wrote to boys as a teenager. They are just brimming with 15 year old angst and feeling. I would read them and cringe to myself on her behalf and then cringe again remembering some of the things I did as a teen. Thank God I didn't save any AIM conversations... All this cringing would culminate in the grateful realization that I was no longer 15 and did not have to worry about overwhelming feels anymore. Teenage angst is real, yo. It get's better. But then you get adult worries like bills... anyway...  

My favorite parts of this book were not the notes themselves but the context and stories around them. Pam is a fantastic writer who drew me into her past quite easily. I want to read more of her books and blog posts now that do no center around these notes. The notes were my least favorite part actually. I enjoyed them more toward the beginning, but as the book went on I had enough flashbacks thanks. 

Anyway, I enjoyed this book. Give it a shot if you are interested in a memoir centering around some of the more embarrassing aspects of teenage girlhood doused with a good dose of humor. 

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