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Julia Reviews My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster

Title/Author: My Lady Quicksilver by Bec McMaster
Publisher/Year Published:  Oct 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca 
How I got this book: The Library! Ebook form!
Why I read this book: This series is my favorite steampunk romance series of the moment!
Rating: 4.5 stars

I am a sucker for a hero/villain romance. I didn't realize it til this book, but something about it just turns my engines in the right way. My Lady Quicksilver is a great example of a opposites attract story. 

My Lady Qucksilver is the third book in McMaster's London Steampunk series. Taking place near after the events from book two, Sir Jasper Lynch, leader of the Nighthawks (a policeish type force of blue bloods.. erm vampire like men) is searching the slums of London for Mercury, the leader of the humanist rebellion. After the events of the last book forced the humanists into the ruling party, the Echelon (made up of aforementioned blue bloods), into action the pressure is on for Lynch to find him... or actually her.

Mercury is Rosalind, a die-hard humanist in charge of raising an army to fight for the rights of humans in a world run by vampires. But unfortunately, after the events of the last book again, her brother is missing so all of that must take a sideline. Even more unfortunately (fortunately?) she has Lynch on her tail.

The first scene where they meet is each other is quite hot and awesome. It leads to a sort of misunderstood enemy thing that goes on for the rest of the book. The book has a lot of plot threads going on but they overlap each other nicely. I loved being in with the Nighthawks! I was getting a little bored of the slums after the first three books were told. This book really gave the series a fresh breath.

The leads play off each other well. Jasper with his dark side that he is always trying to control plays well off of Rosa's go get it nature. For her, the normality of a life out of the shadows is something that draws her to Jasper as well as the eye opening realities of what happens when we judge people without knowing them.

One negative thing that I will say through me out of the story for a moment was a trope that I've seen used a hell of a lot: the magic hooha. Sleeping with the heroine cures all ills. I literally rolled my eyes at that. If that sort of thing is your off button, then be forewarned. It wouldn't have bothered me as much if it were explained a little more what happened instead of just the power of the vajayjay, but as it was I had to extrapolate for myself what happened so as to apply it to a later scene.

Still, this one is probably my favorite of the four books. It's just a gripping story, interesting and unique to the world leads, sexy sexytimes and only one or two eye rolling tropes. I love this steampunk world and I can't wait to read more in it. If you as a lover of steampunk have not read this series yet, yeah get on that. If you just want to read this one, I'd say it's doable but some of the terms may only be sparsely explained and there are other plot threads from the past book referenced. Nothing that would spoil the other two if you read them out of order though. But yeah, I heart this one.

Note: I trimmed this down from a full SCORE review that I did over on my Booklikes blog. If you want to read a lot more details on the leads and their romance, check it out there.


  1. Great review! My favorite is still Will's and Lena's story but I have to say that out of all the books in the series, this one is the most well-written to date. The story and characterizations were very tight.

    Camille @ Girl meets Books

    1. Will and Lena's was a slight disappointment for me for some reason. I think I held it on too high of a pedastle. I still really enjoyed it though. I think my second favorite was the novella with the tin ma guy and the housekeeper whos names I cant remember haha. It's such a great series!

  2. I'm really looking forward to Leo's story.. I think his story is the one titled "Of Silk and Steam" :)


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