Friday, June 14, 2013

Crazy Awesome YA Deals!!

I know Julia normally does Bookish Deals every other weekend but I wanted to make sure you guys saw these and I didn't know for how long they would be on sale!

($2.99) Something Like Normal: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Also Known As: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Going Vintage: B&N | Amazon
($1.99) Where I Belong: Barnes & Noble | Amazon
($1.99) Smart Girls Get What They Want: B&N | Amazon
($1.99) Peaches: B&N | Amazon
($3.79) Crash: B&N | Amazon
($1.99) Stealing Parker: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Rules of Attraction: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Some Girls Are: B&N | Amazon

($1.99) The Liar Society: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Hysteria: B&N | Amazon

($3.36) Gone: B&N| Amazon
($2.99) Partials: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Article 5: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Mila 2.0: B&N | Amazon
($3.79) Crewel: B&N | Amazon
($4.24) Graceling: B&N | Amazon

($1.99) Mind Games: B&N | Amazon
($4.99) Fallen: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Clarity: B&N | Amazon
($1.99) Wings: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Anna Dressed In Blood: B&N | Amazon
($4.99) Obsidian: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) Fated: B&N | Amazon

($4.97) The Goose Girl: B&N | Amazon
($2.99) The Scorpio Races: B&N | Amazon

Happy shopping! Hope you fill up your e-reader with some great deals for summer reading!!


  1. So many of these I want, yet I just can't afford to spend even that little bit of money right now. But thanks for the heads up. I will appreciate them more when I have money. :-)

  2. OOOOOOO Thank you!!! I bought a bunch of these that I have been dying to read! My libraries are not very stacked with YA. These are awesome deals!

  3. Thanks for the head's up! Some of these I knew about, but not all. Awesome!
    Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook

  4. thanks! I bought a few, would have gotten more if I weren't too broke!

  5. Thanks for the info! I just bought Mind Games and Smart Girls Get What They Want for my kindle :)

  6. Every time I see these deals, it so hard to resist buying at least one ... so I might've but three. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. are there cowboys in where I belong!? Sign me up for a summer read!


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