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Broke and Bookish Book Haul for 11/25 - 1/6

Paula's Book Haul

For Christmas, my parent's friends gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card. SO that night I got onto the marketplace and ordered lots of used books. So far only two have gotten here. I am anxiously awaiting them all.

1. Everything Matters! by Ron Currie Jr.
2. Animals by Don LePan
3. The Light by DJ MacHale
4. The Clockwork Man by

Julia's Book Haul

Seduction of a Proper Gentleman, Secrets of a Proper Lady, What a Lady Wants - Victoria Alexander
The Heart of Christmas - Mary Balogh, Niccola Cornick and Courtney Milan
So Enchanting, My Pleasure - Connie Brockway
Captive of Sin - Anna Campbell
Blameless - Gail Carriger
How to Dance with a Duke - Manda Collins
Barely a Lady - Eileen Dreyer
Written on Your Skin - Meredith Duran
A Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior, The Care and Taming of a Rogue - Suzanne Encoch
A Lady Never Lies - Julianna Gray
Passions of a Wicked Earl - Lorraine Heath
The Serpent Prince, The Raven Prince, The Leopard Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt
Midnight Pleasures - Eloisa James
Once Upon a Dream - Katherine Kingsley
Then Came You, Mine Till Midnight, Seduce Me at Sunrise, Married By Morning, Love in the Afternoon - Lisa Kleypas
Wicked, Sinful Nights - Julia Latham
A Rake's Guide to Seduction, What a Gentleman Wants - Caroline Linden
Gentle Rogue, Marriage Most Scandelous, A Loving Scoundrel - Johanna Lindsey
Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean
After Midnight, Yours Until Dawn (x2) - Teresa Mederios
The Art of Duke Hunting, Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea - Sophia Nash
Ten Things I Love About You, On The Way to the Wedding, The Viscount Who Loved Me(x2), To Sir Philip with Love, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, What Happens in London, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton - Julia Quinn

Young Adult:
Disney In Shadow - Ridley Pearson

The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss

Daisy's Book Haul

Ok, so keep in mind this is a month worth of books :)

Egalleys For Review

-Rapunzel Untangled by Cindy C. Bennett: SO EXCITED! I LOVED Geek Girl by the same author and this sounds all kinds of wonderful!
-The Forbidden Queen by Anne O'Brien
-Pretty Girl-13 by Liz Coley: it sounds really intense and creepy!
-Through The Ever Night by Veronica Rossi: I loved, loved, LOVED Under the Never Sky and can't wait to see what's next for Aria and Perry. And Roar (love).
-The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd: I've heard amazing things about this one!
-Requiem by Lauren Oliver: EEE! I still haven't read Pandemonium because I was scared by everyone going AAAH! at the ending, but now I can read this one straight after so I think I'll be ok :)
-School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins
-The Importance of Being Wicked by Victoria Alexander
-The Loop by Shandy Lawson
-If You Give A Rake A Ruby by Shana Galen: I just love Shana Galen's historical romance novels!
-Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt
-Godiva by Nicole Galland: who hasn't heard of Godiva? This is bound to make my little history-loving heart happy!
-The Forgotten Queen by D.L. Bogdan
-And Then She Fell by Stephanie Laurens
-The Rules by Stacey Kade: a girl created in a genetics lab, hello EXCITEMENT!
-Geek Girl by Holly Smale: this sounds like so much fun!
-Sins of a Ruthless Rogue by Anna Randol

Christmas Gifts
Don't You Forget About Me by Alexandra Potter: I love her chicklit :)
Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter
With many thanks to my brother :)

Cleopatra's Moon by Vicky Alvear Shecter
The Thirteen Hallows by Michael Scott
Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes: this sounds like just my kind of book and the cover is gorgeous!
Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey: I know Rachel @ Fiktshun is a fan of this book, so that's really enough reason for me to pick it up :)
Tempest by Julie Cross: I really liked it when I read it last year, wanted my own copy

Our Broke & Bookish book haul is inspired by memes like IMM & Stacking the Shelves& Mailbox Monday. This is just our very simple way of doing it collaboratively so we can participate in all of them and not have to choose one.


  1. Paula: I don't really know any of the books you bought, but I'm definitely going to check them out :) Yay Christmas gift cards!

    Julia: your haul is AWESOME! I would have gone crazy if they had that many amazing romance titels on sale at my local bookstore as well :) I'm especially jealous of your Julia Quinn and Johanna Lindsey finds!

    1. The only sad thing is they were on sale because the store is closing :( But there is another one really close to me. Most of the Johanna Lindsey and JQs were for my sister. Since I moved out and took all my romance novels with me she was missing the Bridgertons. I literally went through my 151 book TBR Romance shelf on Goodreads and just bought.

      I'll have to do the next book haul with all of the OTHER books that I have bought, since there were way more the month of December.

      For your haul, I got Lord of Darkness, too. SO EXCITED to read it!

    2. I will probably post reviews for them (or at least a few of them) since they are ones I've wanted for awhile. Perhaps you can learn more about them then :p

  2. So many good books. I love pic of that crazy stack of books! The Half Price Bookstore by my house closed last year. It was a very sad day. I moved home from college all excited to go there and saw the out of business sign. Your lucky you got to be there for the sale. Enjoy all your books!
    -Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog

    1. It was really weird because there was no notice of it closing. I just happened to walk in, and happened to read a sign on one of the bookshelves. No "Going out of Business" or "Closeout!" signs at all. From what I overheard the staff talking about, they were just going to take all the stock that was left and ship it to a new store that would be opening far away from here. :(

      Lucky for me there are two more in my area. Not as close as the one that closed today (I could have walked there), but close enough to get my fix.

  3. Wow, I'm so jealous of Julia! I've been known to go crazy in the dollar section of book stores too ;) You can never have enough romances! I also LOVE CC Hunter's series, so I really hope Daisy enjoys that! I hope you all enjoy the wonderful books you all got :)

    -Jessica (Peace Love Books)

  4. O_o so many yummy books! I can totally understand the book splurge when they are $1 haha. hope you enjoy them all!

    Check out my Weeks Haul

  5. Julia - I think I would have had a hard time deciding which books to get at that price. :) Enjoy your books!

    1. I'm not kidding when I say I literally pulled up Goodreads on my phone and went through my entire To read romance shelf. I am sure I missed some, but really I think 42 total books from one bookstore is enough for a while.

  6. i'm jealous of all of you! i got a grand total of 1 book for Christmas, and that one was courtesy of my secret santa. my friends and family all claim that they're too intimidated to buy books for me!

  7. Yay for piles and piles of new You look very content buried in books.
    Oh, and I want to thank you for introducing me to romance books. I don't know if you remember but it was months ago on your personal blog I asked for recs since I was new to the genre. I found I like Eloisa James and Julia Quinn and Sarah MacLean and have downloaded quite a few onto my kindle to be read. I've also since started reading contemporary romance/erotica (no 50 Shades! But I loved Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn and have several more to be read). So thanks for starting a romance addiction in me!

    1. This was for you Julia....I forgot to specify.:)

    2. Hi Dione. If you're new to romance, and you like Julia Quinn, have you tried Jane Feather? Virtue is one of my all-time favourite romances.

    3. No I haven't heard of her but I will certainly check out her books. I'm always looking to add to my amazon wish list, my TBR pile in my kindle, and my library for later wish list. Thank you:)

    4. Yay! I'm so glad you liked them and the recs that I gave you and that you've become another addict. :D Contemporary romance is something I don't read too often. I find I like contemporary the best when it is paranormal (like in the early books of Kenyon's Dark Hunter series). The little erotic I've read has been steampunk or historical paranormal. There is one book that I have been itching to buy after reading an online sample that is dystopian erotica called Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha.

      Thanks for letting me know how you are fairing with romances! It was nice to hear you liked them :D

  8. Julia, that is a lot of books. I'm kind of jealous no one gave me a bookstore giftcard this year. Maybe if I drop enough hints I'll get one for my birthday.

    Daisy, I'm impressed by the reading pile for this month. I don't think I'd get through all of those if you gave me six months!

    1. You know, I didn't get any gift cards either. I did end up buying one for myself, so I don't see all the 99c charges on my credit card when I go on a crazy spree for my nook.

      After that haul though, I really, really need to not buy any more books for a while! Looks like I'll be reviewing a lot more romance for the blog though :)

  9. Jealous of your books for review!!! So many good ones! I want to read the Rapunzel one and Geek Girl!!! Lucky :)

  10. Soooo many awesome books!! :D

    I was convinced to pick up Everything Matters last year when I was at The Strand in NYC.. still haven't had a chance to get to it tho :(

    LOVE that picture with the piles of books!

    And I can't WAIT to read Madman's Daughter & Requiem... :)

    Michele | Stacking the Shelves | Giveaway

  11. I got Rapunzel Untangled from netgalley, too, and DEVOURED it. It was very good.


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