Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jamie Wants a New Bookshelf!!

Guys, I'm in the market for a new bookshelf. I need one that will fit in my overly crowded room and that is also affordable.

I've been looking at some local thrift shops but the majority of those seem to be bulky and won't fit in the space I have.

I've found some uber-expensive ones that are really modern looking but I can't afford them. I've also been checking out CSN after seeing some giveaways and product reviews and they have some really awesome bookshelves that are in my budget. Have you heard of CSN? Bought anything from them before?  It seems that they sell just about everything -- bookshelves, really cute leather messenger bags (I need one for BEA in May) or an Eames Lounge Chair (perks of working at a design magazine (Modernism) is that I get to drool over Charles Eames furniture all day long!).  Let me know if you've bought anything from them before and whether or not you were satisfied with the quality of the products!

EDIT: I'm pretty sure I found the one I'm going to get on CSN. If I end up choosing this one, be on the lookout for a review!


  1. My CSN experience was great and I am posting soon on what I purchased-- We have a CSN giveaway going on right now-- come enter if you haven't already!

  2. You might try IKEA. Mine are all from there and they're nice but reasonable. And wildly adjustable.

  3. You can't go wrong with CSN! I have two bookshelves from them, and love them both! One is wood and the other metal. Both are well made, very sturdy, and hold tons of books! Good luck finding the perfect shelf!

  4. I've never bought anything from CSN, but the 3 bookshelves I have in my room are all from IKEA, and they cost $20 each. It's no Billy brand, but they do the job, and they're a nice light fake wood color with 5 shelves (3 adjustable) and a white plasticky thing you can nail onto the back if you want, as well as a wall stabilizer. Not bad for 20 bucks!

  5. Have you tried searching Craigslist? There might be an inexpensive one listed there. I've gotten some great deals from craigslist.

    I won a CSN giveaway and I had no problems with them. In fact, they shipped the item really fast, so I was pleased with the purchase.

  6. I purchased a bookshelf earlier this summer for CSN. It's a little maple two-shelver that cost $120 (half of which I used a gift card to pay for) but it's
    a.) good looking
    b.) really easy to assemble
    c.) holds way more than you'd think
    I'll send you a direct link to it if you want.

    I know Nicole of Word for Teens is having a giveaway for a CSN gift card now on her blog. You should go enter!

  7. I bought this bookshelf from Target:

    It's a ladder bookshelf and holds a ton of books. It doesn't take up much space, was super easy to put together, and now it only costs half of what I paid a year ago. Good luck in your search!


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