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Top Ten Tuesday--some weekly fun!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This meme was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list complete with one of our bloggers answers. Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND post a comment on our post with a link to your Top Ten Tuesday post to share with us and all those who are participating. If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment.

This week's Top Ten list is:

What are your top ten childhood favorites?

Jamie's Top Ten Childhood Favorites (in no particular order):

I devoured books when I was younger and had tons of favorites so this is kind of hard for me!

1. Little House on the Prairie--Laura Ingalls Wilder: I absolutely loved this series but mostly this book! I went through this phase where I wanted to live in a small cabin and I would always make my sister make a fort with me to pretend we lived like they did.
2. The Boxcar Children--Gertrude Chandler Warner: Again, loved the whole series but I read the first one over and over again. I was always happy that I had a family after reading this but also felt envious that they were all so close and that they got to live alone and have an adventure.
3. Wanted..Mud Blossom--Betsy Byars: I don't really remember that much about this book but I remember loving it and loving that darn dog! I was surprised to see that it alot of people on Goodreads hadn't read this.
4. Harriet the Spy--Louise Firzhugh: I pretty much wanted to be her bff. As a nine-year-old, i fell hard for the boy with the purple socks from this book. I can't pass up a man of mystery.
5. Sideways Stories From Wayside School--
Louis Sachar: This book was all sorts of craziness and I remember loving it. Probably one of the more bizarre books I read when I was younger but it was one of my favorites.
6. Ramona the Pest--Beverly Clearly: Oh gosh how I loved all Beverly Cleary books but this one takes the cake! Ramona has always been one of my favorite characters in literature and this book was hilarious.
7. Behind the Attic Wall -- Sylvia Cassedy: This book was so magical and mysterious. Secret passageways. Dolls that walk and talk. Ok. It was a little creepy but I loved it.
8. Nancy Drew--Carolyn Keene: I can't just pick one book out of the Nancy Drew series. I really can't. I just remember the delight when my mom passed down HER Nancy Drew books to me. I thought Nancy was pretty much the coolest--unlike me, the child who was probably scared of her own shadow.
9. Sweet Valley Twins -- Francine Pascal: Again, I can't pick a particular book out of the series. I devoured every single one of these which led into me reading all the Sweet Valley High books. Ah, I just want to read them all again.
10. The Babysitter's Club -- Ann M. Martin: Oh, I thought I was so cool reading these. And I thought I was even cooler when, like many girls around the world, I tried to make my own BSC.

Ah, there are so many great books of my childhood that I couldn't put on here. Just have to give a shoutout to RL Stine--Goosebumps, Fear Street, etc. You were definitely an honorable mention on the list!


  1. Awesome idea for a list! I'll have to think of mine and post mine at some point this evening...I'll make sure to link back here :)

  2. Ramona and Beezus is being made into a movie. IMDB says its release is July 23, 2010 in the US.

  3. No way!! I am most definitely going to see it!

  4. I think a Top 20 list MAY have fit all my childhood favorites! One I couldn't fit was the Animorphs series....I think I just liked the covers though :)

  5. http://the-wolfs-den-147.blogspot.com/2010/06/top-ten-books-from-then.html

    Woot! Awesome idea and I have to agree with a couple on your list =D

  6. Hey, I'm Connie from The Blue Bookcase, and I love this idea. I wonder, though, if once you have some other blogs interested in doing it, if you would post our links in each of your top 10 posts in the future?


    Top Ten......

    This week, along with:
    - The Blue Bookcase
    - Other blogs
    - Another Blog

    We're doing a top 10.... yada yada

    If so, we'd definitely be interested in this. Shoot me an email at

    thebluebookcase [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. Haha Kelly--I had the SAME problem! I had such a hard time picking! Doing this list made me want to read all my old favorites.

  8. http://compbiblio.blogspot.com/2010/06/top-ten-tuesday-is-original.html

    That's mine for you. A little later but still Tuesday :)

  9. Well, it took a good bit of thought and narrowing down, but here's mine!


  10. I was able to come up with 10, here: http://tahleen.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-top-ten-childhood-faves.html

    I kind of cheated a little, I put American Girl Magazine as one of them. But I read them all the time and even bought a few of the books that were offshoots of the magazine!

  11. Oh my god! American Girl Magazine!!! They were great! I used to read Girl's Life allll the time too!

  12. Aahh I forgot about Ella Enchanted!! I have to make an edit.

  13. Speaking of Girl's Life made me think of the game Girl Talk with the zit stickers and wild dares... apparently there was a book series to go with the game...


    Well, not one but a type. I LIVED on chose your own adventure books! I always died though. Always.

  14. Hahah Girl Talk game!! I had that!! I thought it was sooo cool!

    I devoured those choose your own adventure books!!!

  15. omg I loved this meme-so much nostalgia! I'm all over BSC with you, btw. Never did have enough friends to make my own, though D: Or enough tolerance for children...oh, well, that's what books are for, right? Vicarious fun.

    My post is here, btw: http://ykmreviews.blogspot.com/2010/06/meme-top-ten-tuesday.html

    See you next Tuesday :)

  16. Oh my goodness, I remember the Sweet Valley books! I'd forgotten all about them! Ah, the memories. :D

    Anyway, here's mine. I didn't do the childhood books, though. Sorry, Jamie!



  17. The Little House, Babysitter's Club, Boxcar Children, and Sweet Valley were all favorites of mine too! I also LOVED the Babysitter's Club Little Sisters series with Karen Brewer. She inspired me to have my own lemonade stand. :)

    Awesome list! If I ever start a blog, I'll eventually do one of these.

  18. Hi-- Welcome to the blogosphere! Just spotted your blog over at the Bookblog network-- collaborative blogs are so much fun, aren't they.

    I participate occasionally in the Top Ten Picks meme hosted by Jillian at Random Ramblings. One week the topic was 'Books that made you discover your love of reading' so my list focused on early childhood favorites since I was born to be a bookworm-- if you would like to check it out:

  19. It's a bit late since I was on the road pretty much all day yesterday, but I wanted to list a few books/series I could remember. Blog post at Go, Denise, GO!

  20. I totally had to do this, even if I was a day late. Here's mine!

  21. Did anyone read the Full House Michelle and Full House Stephanie books?

    Nancy Drew had to be my favorite, but they scared the crap out of me!

  22. I never read those ones! I did read the Mary Kate and Ashley adventure books though :) lol

  23. We are definitely participating!


  24. Having just found this blog this week, I'm going back and browsing the previous top ten lists. Love this!

  25. I love your blog and this meme! I've been inspired to start a book blog as well! Can't wait to keep reading more! :)

  26. I love your list! The idea of a Tuesday Top Ten is a brilliant one. I look forward to reading them all. Participating too! :D

  27. I just found this meme, can't wait to do it every week!

  28. I love this meme, and I absolutely loved this idea for a list! Yay lists!

  29. Love your list! Just did my own (I know it's not Tuesday, but it made my cold and rainy night just a little bit better).

  30. What a hard list! My goodness!

    A big cheat but I have I picked ten authors instead. Please don't shoot!

    Julia Donaldson, Margaret Mahy, Lynley Dodd, Shirley Hughes, Michael Rosen, Michael Morpugo, Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Ezra Jack Keats, Eric Carle.

  31. I just did this one! I don't really watch reality tv so I wouldn't know what shows I want to see authors in lol. But I really enjoyed doing this one :)

  32. Cool! Im gonna join! Absolutely love the idea :D

  33. REVISIT on April 16th! Love the idea, thanks so much!

  34. I think this is a wonderful top ten list, so despite it being over 3 years after the original I did a post of this over on


    Thanks for the good idea!

  35. Late to the party, but I couldn't resist.

  36. It's a wonderful top ten!!! :) And i repost it on my blog (in italian). Thank's for the idea!

  37. A little late to hop on this party but better late than never. This seemed to fun not to do!!! :)

  38. I was just wondering what is the Linky widget and how do I use it?

  39. Love your list. I read 'The Baby-sitters club","little House ON The Prairie","The Boxcar Kids",Had to read "Sweet Valley Twins" sinceI am a twin. I also enjoyed anything by Lucy Maude Montgomery,Louisa May Alcott, American Girls,"Bobbsey Twins","Honey Bunch" and "Nancy Drew" among many more.


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