Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cocktail & Conversation

Pour yourself a drink and pull up a seat!  This week's question for the Broke and Bookish Ladies is:

Water park or amusement park? Why?

Bridget says:  Amusement park! I hate being all wet and squishy walking around the park. Plus I always just feel slimy with all that gross water, and awkward walking around in a bathing suit all day. Gimme a roller coaster over a water slide any day!

Jana says:  Amusement park! I'm with Bridget, I hate being wet all day and walking around in a swimsuit. I also fry and end up looking like a lobster after 30 minutes. I love roller coasters and other rides, though, and I've spent many summer days hanging out at various amusement parks. So many memories!

Lauren says:  I choose... both! For now I'd rather go to an amusement park because I am on my weight loss journey and I don't quite feel comfortable wearing swimwear yet. Plus I LOVE roller coasters!

Julia says:  I enjoy both water parks and amusement parks, but I usually go to amusement parks over water parks if I am looking for a vacation or a break. In fact I am heading out to one today to ride all of the roller coasters! Let's hope for good weather.

Lori says:  WATER PARKS!!!!!  I love chillin' in the lazy river (although kids have NO CHILL and constantly bump into my tube), but I also love riding the water rides.  I like being able to be outside, getting some sun, and staying cool at the same time.  Where's my fruity umbrella drink?  :)

Kimberly says:  I really like both, but I feel like I get bored with water parks faster. It could be because the only actual water park I've been to is Lagoon here in Utah. It's fun, but once you've done a few of the slides you've done it all. But I do love amusement parks! It's something I've missed this summer being pregnant, I could go walk around but I'd have to skip all the rides and who wants to do that?

Your turn!  Water park or amusement park?


  1. Amusement park. Most of the rides make me throw up, but I don’t like wearing a bathing suit or being squishy all day.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I am all about amusement parks... preferable a Disney park.

  3. I like both but I do prefer Amusement parks, I really want too go back too universal studios in Florida. Because I absolutely loved it.

  4. Same here. I like both but amusement parks are more my thing especially with books in tow. :)

  5. Ohhhh this is a tough one!! I love them both. I'm a big roller coaster nut, but since we have a little one now we usually do a water park instead....which is fine because I LOVE the lazy river. lol!

  6. I prefer water park! As I've gotten older I've grown out of disliking all the rides at the amusement park cause they make me a little nauseous. Also the water park means more room to lounge around, read, etc. Amusement parks for me mean standing in long lines in the HOT summer, getting sick on rides, and constantly finding spaces to try and sit.


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