Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Top Ten Fandoms We're a Part Of

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This week you get to show off your inner (or outer, because let's be honest here...) nerd with a fandom freebie! We decided to tell you what fandoms we belong to! 

Jana's Picks

The Sound of Music: Ok, so I'm not sure if there's an official fandom or not, but I've made one and I'm all over this movie. It has been my favorite since I was a little girl. I love the music, the scenery, the story, Julie Andrews, and Christopher Plummer. 

Saved By the Bell: Yeah... I own all the funkos, I own all the seasons (even The College Years), and I own the movies (Hawaiian Style and Wedding in Las Vegas). When I was a kid I learned the I'm So Excited dance routine and the exercise routine for the girls' music video. I wanted to be Kelly, I wanted to date Zack. So much nostalgia here. 

Friends: I'm kind of a diehard. I was late to the Friends bandwagon (like... the complete series boxed set was available on DVD WAY before I even watched one episode), but I have made up for lost time! I've watched the series from beginning to end probably 15 times now.

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas: I've never been so passionate about a book series in my life, but there you have it. 

Mary Poppins: Again, is there such a thing? I love the movie (I think I'm in the Julie Andrews fandom, too), the music, the Broadway show (I saw it in NYC at Christmas--major bucket list item), and the cute little funko sitting on my shelf! 

Veronica Mars: Another fandom I'm late to (I just watched this series for the fist time a couple years ago), but I'm a marshmallow!

Julia's Picks

Game of Throne/A Song of Ice and Fire: This is probably the most active fandom that I am in at the moment. I read theories and anxiously await any new information the show or the book can give us. 

Disney: Yeah I guess this is a weird one, and I would say I am full out fandom, but I do follow all the new additions coming to the parks, the new live action movie news, the musicals and where they are coming (I literally had a freak out moment last night when I saw that The Hunchback of Notre Dame is going to be performed in Cleveland this fall). So I am going to count this. 

Westworld: I was definitely on the edge of fandom when this show was one. Holy cow was there so much to theorize about. I hadn't had that much fandom thinking/scheming fun since the days I was really into Lost. Great show. Great season. I can't wait to see where they go. So many possibilities!!

His Dark Materials: So this I am not currently involved in, but I am thinking about diving back in after my current reread. Ever since they announced the next book finally coming out this fall, I've wanted to dive back into the world, find some active discussions, reread my old fanfic... I am so happy this is finally a thing again. 

Let's talk fandoms!!!


  1. If my husband had done a list, I am sure Disney would be at the top of it. Or rather, the Disney parks. Posters and maps of the various parks. Books about them. He's really into the history of the parks as well. We've only ever been to the Disneyland park in Anaheim, but he probably wouldn't mind visiting them all.

  2. I love so so many of these! Veronica Mars, Disney, and ACOMAF (well Sarah's series) made my list too! I love all of these and fandoms are the best!

  3. I can't believe I forgot about Veronica Mars! I ADORE THAT SHOW/MOVIE. Definitely another marshmallow here.

  4. Yay Veronica Mars and Disney!!! I chose these two too!!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Sound of Music! Definitely one of my fav-or-rite things! I even read the book the story is based off (the movie, most definitely, is better). And I have the soundtracks to both Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. Game of Thrones totally made my list... and I need to start over with Westworld!

  6. Gah I can't believe I forgot to add Disney and GoT to mine! Haha. Oh well. Such a good prompt! This is my favourite meme and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!

  7. Oh I am so in with the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins fandom! :) Love those so much!

  8. Ooh this is such a good and eclectic list! I LOVE SAVED BY THE BELL. Zack Morris was my first crush and I watched the college years and movies too. I had Wedding in Las Vegas on a VHS I taped from tv haha! I also had the SBTB soundtrack cassette tape. I need to start getting some Funkos haha. Friends is another great one! I swear there are some episodes I can quote. Mary Poppins was my favorite movie as a kid :) Disney isn't weird at all, I had it on my list! It's the perfect all-encompassing term for everything: animated, live action, theme parks, etc. Disney rules. Omg I read so many ASOIAF theories, it's the best. I'm DYINGGGG for them to announce a TWOW pub date already.

  9. Saved By The Bell, Friends and Veronica Mars - so much yes!! Friends is my all time favorite!
    Mel @ Bookmarked Bliss


  10. This is truly a great list. I am what one would call an in-the-moment-fangirl. I don't obsess about these things on a day to day basis, but if I am there, in the presence of other fans, I am all in. Yeah: VMars, SoM, Disney, ACOTAR, Saved by the Bell.
    Sam @ WLABB

  11. Loooooove His Dark Materials! I just revisited the series on audio, and it's read by Phillip Pullman himself and completely wonderful

  12. Yay loving all the Veronica Mars love! :))


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