Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Short Love Letter about Joan Didion (From Lori)

I have a new girl crush.  Joan Didion.  :)

Lately, I've been wishing that I had been born about fifty years earlier and able to join the journalism scene of the 1960s and 1970s.  If you were bold enough, you could have a lot of great adventures.  You could see the best and the worst that society--worldwide--had to offer.

I've read selections from Slouching towards Bethlehem, her first collection of essays.  Most spectacularly, she discusses how to keep a notebook.  Highly recommend!

I've also read her novel, Play It as It Lays.  I need to read it again now that I know more about her for more context.

Most recently, I've been hung up on her collection The White Album.  So far, I've only read the title piece, but it knocked me over in a way I haven't been knocked over for quite some time.  I cannot wait to read the rest.  And dive into her other work too!

In this piece is a fantastic packing list that is, on its surface, useful for making a quick getaway, but also is truly representative of a time, of a person.  It is a statement that resounds fairly loudly and widely.  At least in my opinion.  You can find the list with a couple of context paragraphs here.  I hope it encourages you to pick up the rest of the collection.

I have spring break coming up next week.  I don't think I've ever been so ready for spring break in all my life.  I have to do a fair amount of prep work for the finals looming in the not as distant as I would prefer future.  But I definitely want to spend a lot of time ensconced in a book.  Fiction hasn't been my jam too much lately, so I think I want to spend the week with Joan.  I want to read her work and finally devour this biography of her.

Have you read anything by Joan Didion?  What?  Any thoughts?  I'd love to hear what you have to say about this wonderfully inspiring woman.


  1. I've read her book A Year Of Magical Thinking and was so moved by it. Keep meaning to read more.

  2. I've never heard of her, which seems to be a shame. I've added a couple of her books to my TBR and will certainly keep an eye out for them :-) Thanks for turning me on to her!

  3. She sound so interesting, never heard of her before! I agree, would love to have been apart of that era. Great post! xx

  4. Great post! I too love Didion's work.One of my favorites was her Santa Ana Winds essay. I had a fantastic AP English teacher in high school that introduced me to Didion's work (she was also my journalism teacher) and I fell in love with her writing!!

  5. I love Joan Didion too. I took a course entirely devoted to her (taught by the professor that wrote the biography you want to read!) and we read 8 of her books--it was a great experience and I think her writing is just amazing.


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