Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Reading

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Summer reading is my favorite kind of reading.  Hands down.  Granted, curling up on the couch under a heavy quilt and reading during the winter is pretty cozy.  But summer reading is even better.

My favorite thing to do in the summer is wake up naturally without an alarm (but still somehow early, maybe even earlier than I normally would wake up) and have the entire day open for reading.  Granted, this only happens on the weekend--stupid job--but maybe that helps me enjoy it more.  Anyway, I'm up.  I have all the time in the world.  I can make my coffee and relax.  I can go grab soft warm donuts.  I can throw open the window and let the sunlight and warm air stream in.  Or I can crank up the AC.  Then I work my way around the room.  I usually start off stretched out on the couch.  Once I make my coffee I move over to the chair because there's a side table.  At some point I am probably sitting on the floor.  Freedom.  Pages turned.  Amazing.

But also with summer, you have a greater variety in where you can read.  I love reading outside.  Sometimes I'll drag out one of our porch chairs and sit on the porch.  This kind of sucks because we live on the first floor and passersby will think that I want to make conversation.  I also like going to Starbucks and sitting at their outside tables, sipping a cool drink.

Summer is also the time where you go on trips.  Then you really have no schedule and you can just wake up naturally and read.  Camping is a great time to get more reading done because there is (blissfully!) no TV and no computers to tempt you.  The beach is also great because you get some sun while you lay out and read.

For me, it doesn't even matter what I read during the summer.  One year I polished off the entire Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series in about a week.  Other times I have read massive chunky fiction or chick lit or non-fiction.  It doesn't matter.  I feel freer in my reading during the summer than at any other points throughout the year.

What about you?  How do you feel about summer reading?


  1. I definitely appreciate reading during the summer, but like you I long for those days that you don't have anything to do and can just spend the whole day lounging and reading. Having a job and not having summers off is a pain. I feel like I can't truly enjoy all that summer has to offer anymore. But at least it's warm!

  2. I am so with you! I love summer reading (and wish I still had summer vacation to go along with it!). I like to bring the picnic blanket into the backyard and lay in the sun to read. I also like to take advantage of my lunch hour by reading outside in a lounge chair.

    Like you I do enjoy curling up with a blanket for cold weather reading, but the longer summer days means more reading time because I don't feel like I should be asleep by 5pm!

  3. Our summers seem so short so a lot seems to happen down here. (Tasmania) We're into reading now and the fuzzy polar fleece on the couch with the dogs or cats is very nice and I love it until I have to break up a squabble between them vying for the same piece of space next to me. Summer is on the lounge in the front yard and walking through a park or at a coffee shop, sitting outdoors, that is if I don't get distracted by all the people around me doing odd things at times.

  4. I love summer reading! Reading outside is one of the best things ever and aside from getting sand and sunscreen on my books, I love reading on the beach as well :) Though I do love curling up on the couch as well. There's just something about those beautiful summer days that make me want to lay outside and read the day away.

  5. Can we trade summers, pretty please? :) I actually have less time to read in the summer, because my kids are home from school and we do a lot of activities/outings. This summer is even crazier because my daughter is having surgery in July and there's several pre/post appointments that go along with it. I'm already looking forward to September, when they go back to school and I get the house to myself again during the day :p

  6. Totally agree! Summer reading is a season-long thing for me because I work in a school, so I don't have a job for about 10 weeks haha. READ ALL THE THINGS!

  7. With all my kids home for the summer, I have less time to read as well. And writing reviews takes me about twice as long, since it's difficult to concentrate with my kids' t.v. shows/fighting/playing in the background! Oh well. I guess it's important to spend some time in the real world, too, right?

    Happy summer reading to you!

  8. I think I echo everyone else when I say that summer reading isn't quite the same when your schedule is roughly the same as it was in the other seasons, just perhaps with a bit more time spent in a car for the random vacation(s). But I get carsick now so reading doesn't play into that. But oh do I long for the long summers of just books!


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