Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Julia Reviews Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

Title/Author:Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern
Publisher/Year Published: May 4th 2010 by HarperCollins
How I got this book: I bought it for a Christmas exchange and somehow it came back to me
Why I read this book: I liked the Tweets and about 10 people recommended the book to me.
Rating: 4 stars

I am going to swear in this review. I don't think there is a page in this book that doesn't have some sort of profanity on it. If you are the type of person to be offended by access swearing, this book is NOT for you. Really. It’s a lot. You have been warned.
On My Attempt to Hide a Hangover
Coming down with something? Please. You reek of booze and bullshit. Don't lie to a Kentuckian about drinking or horses, son.
This book was really fun. I read it in one sitting on the brief airplane ride and probably was silently labeled by the passengers next to me as that crazy lady who randomly bursts into laughter.

About 80 people told me to read this book and that I would enjoy it. I was already familiar with the Shit My Dad SaysTwitter page and thought that it was funny one liners to enjoy in brief stints. But how would it hold up as a full-fledged book?

After a solid introduction of how the whole Shit My Dad Says came to be, the book is laid out into small chapters, each highlighting a specific point in Justin’s relationship with his dad. It goes from the time he is six and they had an extended car trip culminating in sleeping with grandpa to getting his first apartment and job in LA. Some chapters are shorter than others but you can see the lessons learned in each one through his dad’s eloquent way of teaching.

After each chapter are three phrases of quotes like the one above. Those one liners really make the book for me. While each chapter is really interesting and the lessons learned are unique presented, reading the small ones just made me happy. It a good book. It’s a great Twitter feed. If you are looking for something hilarious and entertaining (and don’t mind a healthy dose of profanity) this book is for you.

Here. I will leave you with some more winning short quotes:
"Why would you throw a ball in someone's face?...Huh. That's a pretty good reason. Well, I can't do much about your teacher being pissed, but me and you are good."

"You're ten years old now, you have to take a shower every day...I don't give a shit if you hate it. People hate smelly fuckers. I will not have a smelly fucker for a son."

On Selling His Beloved 1967 Two-Door Mercury Cougar

“This is what happens when you have a family. You sacrifice. [Pause:] You sacrifice a lot. [Long pause:] It’s gonna be in your best interest to stay away from me for the next couple days.”


  1. When I first joined Twitter everyone told me to follow Sh*t My Dad Says. Glad to hear the book is good, I'll pick it up.

  2. I so want to read this! Or at least listen to it on audio. Didn't it become a tv show??

  3. It did. I didnt watch it but what I did see was kinda lame. It was actually playing on the Airplane TV while I was reading this book. I read that shatner couldnt pull off the dad.

  4. Thanks for the review! I have been looking for a humor book and this sounds like a great one! Thanks!

  5. People who think people that laugh out loud at books are crazy need to start reading funnier books! This one definitely sounds like a good time!

  6. I had no idea what this book was about but I understand why you laughed out loud on the plane.

    A fascinating and funny's a different way of raising a child and giving your son advice!

  7. The tv show is pretty woeful but I loved the book - laughed my way through it

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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