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Kimberly's Review of Cupidity by Kimberly Gardner

Kimberly Reviews "Cupidity"

Book: Cupidity

Author: Kimberly Gardner

So when I heard that we were going to do a 'themed week' for Valentines Day week, I said "Oh! A theme!" and jumped right in. Then I remembered something. I don't read romance! I was feverishly trying to think of a book to review. I've read books with romance in them, plenty of them in fact, but most of them don't revolve around the romance. It's a mystery novel, or fantasy and the romance is just part of the story. I realized how close the date was getting and I started to get nervous, what book was I going to review?!

Then I went to Goodreads and clicked on my 'read' list. First book that pops up is 'Cupidity'. I practically smacked my head on my desk. I couldn't believe I hadn't reviewed the book until now, not only because it's a good book, but because (drum roll please) I know the author!!! She and I have been friends since High School, I actually read sections of this book long before it was published. She'd tell me how the book was coming, let me read little bits and pieces, and then try and tell me how it ended. This usually resulted with me plugging my ears or putting my hand nearly in her face to stop her. I wanted to be surprised. (Sorry Gardner!) I was ecstatic when it got published. Not only did I finally get to read the entire story, I got to go to her author signing at Barnes and Noble and get a signed copy! Of course, I would have haunted her doorstep until I got a signed copy anyway.

Alright, the book. Like I said before, I'm not a huge romance fan, but this book is just too darned enjoyable to not like. Here is a brief summary stolen from Gardner's website (by the way, I ought to explain the "Gardner". Because we share a name, and it can get confusing, we started calling each other by our last names and it stuck. It's great fun.)

"Demons or no Demons, I will get Tanner and Baker together."
Jimmy is a brand-new agent assigned to the most difficult case the Lovers Angels Corporation, a supernatural matchmaking service, has seen in centuries: The Tanner-Baker case. Jesse tanner and Danni Baker have been neighbors for years. Getting them together should be a walk in the park, and every tactic Jimmy employs should work-- in theory. However assaults of suspected Demonic mischief ultimately tangle the situation so badly it will take a small miracle to organize a happy ending for Tanner and Baker.
When the exploits of the supposedly non-existent Demons bring up the ghosts of the past, Jimmy's odds of success seem to diminish. With so much opposition of the Demonic kind, is it possible for Jesse and Danni to be together, especially when romance may not be the only thing Demons are prepared to kill?

Intriguing, right? Not only does it have this plot to pull you into the story, it has some of the most likable characters you're likely to read about. They're as perfect as they need to be, but also wonderfully flawed. You can relate to these characters. It feels almost as if you could reach through the page and touch them. You are right there with them, following their story, not sitting in the back of the audience so far from the stage you can't see the faces. Each character has their own fully fleshed personality, and each is unique, bringing color to the story.

I don't want to say much more about it other than that you should read it, seriously. It's a short, light read that will leave you smiling as you turn the last page. It has it's share of surprises, heartache, sweet romance,humor and suspense. It's a book that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Check out Gardner's website to learn more about Gardner, Cupidity and her other projects!

I give this
4.5 Stars. I took a bit off because I feel like if the book had been a tad longer, the storyline would have flowed a bit better. But it's a fantastic book as it is!


  1. that looks interesting. I'm in the same boat...don't really read "romance" books as in from that particular genre....but little gems like this always manage to catch your attention. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  2. Great review, Turner! I'm sure glad you liked it so much. I love it, too :D


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