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Top Ten Things That Will Make Us Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

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Daisy's Picks

1. Books set in space: I'm not even sure why this is, but books (and also movies, with the exception of Star Wars, because AWESOME) set in space don't work for me usually. Sadly, this limits my scifi-exposure greatly.

2. Angels; I've had a lot of misses when it comes to books about angels or angel-like species (with the exception of the Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand which I LOVED), so this is pretty much a turn off for me.

3. Fae: the classic fae stories don't seem to work for me, I do love The Falconer series by Elizabeth May and A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, but mostly, it's just not my thing.

4. World War II: Maybe it's because my grandma lived through this in the Netherlands and it's just a little too close for comfort for me, but I find myself shying away from book that are set in this time period.

Jamie's Picks

5. If it sounds too manicpixiedreamgirl: I've loved books with this trope but the older I'm getting the harder time I'm having to want to read it if I feel like the summary eludes to it.

6. Any book that seems like it is glorifying abusive or super aggressively alpha males: I'm just so not into it. 

7. (DON'T JUDGE ME) But if a book has a reallyyyyyyy low rating on Goodreads: I know, I know. I mean, some books I love have kind of low ratings on Goodreads and I don't care because I love them. BUT if a book has like a REALLY low rating and I wasn't THAT excited about it...like just semi interested...it's a pretty big turnoff even though I've been really trying to not put so much stock into ratings. 

Julia's Picks  

8. Love Triangles: I'm sick of them at this point. Can't there be an engaging story with an awesome heroine who only has one love interest? Or even dare I say zero? 

9. First person POV: This one I will usually bend on, especially in YA. But most often as soon as I see the "I", I groan.

 Kimberly's Pick

10.  Animal abuse. I'll never understand why authors think this is something that is okay to add. It's disgusting and I hate it and will refuse to read a book if it contains this. 


  1. I forgot to mention animal abuse in my list, but yeah, I don't like it either.

  2. I find myself agreeing with some of these. Of course with some topics it still depends on who's writing it! Like I will still read a paranormal book by Jennifer L. Armentrout even if there's a love triangle! Lol!

    Though I do agree with animal abuse. But it's soooo hard to know if a book even has that since it's not something that's likely to be in the description! Which is why I try to mention it in my reviews when I do come across it! But it's so rare in my reads, which is a good thing!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. I completely agree with first person POV, but I think second person is even more annoying.

  4. The Unearthly series is the only Angel books I can handle too! I usually just stay away from them... should have put them on my list.

    Also, so over the MPDG! I feel like you see less of that now, but I'm always highly suspicious. I love quirky characters though, so sometimes I get stuck with a MPDG when I just wanted some personality and a character who appreciates 80s pop culture. And the ratings thing... yeah, although I do look at how many ratings (is it below a 3 star, but only a few ratings? Then maybe. But under 3 stars and has hundreds or thousands of ratings? Probably going to skip).

    I don't mind the occasional legit triangle, but most of them are so fake and it's obvious who's the real main love interest (except for the Shatter Me series, but I'm convinced that Mafi didn't realize that Warren was going to be such a hit and that nice guy Adam would seem so bland in comparison). But if a love triangle is mentioned in the book summary, I'll usually skip it.

    Animal abuse is never okay. And it's weird, I guess, because I love horror and thrillers so much, but I can't handle violence against an animal. The Knife of Never Letting Go depressed me so much, and gave me nightmares, that I had to quit reading it even though I made it fairly far. That poor dog. Nope. Can't deal.

    Great list, ladies!

  5. Oh! Love Triangles is a great pick. I can't stand them!

  6. Animal abuse and love triangles made my list as well. Can't stand either although I have read and enjoyed books where there are some minor love triangles.

  7. I've never got into alpha male books either- but I haven't hated enough of them to make it onto my list.

  8. Manic pixie dream girls! I haaaaaaate it when authors assemble a collection of quirks and present it to you like it's a personality. And I, too, struggle with space-set novels. It's supposed to be the next frontier or whatever but snore.

  9. I agree with so many of these. Fae and Manic Pixie Dream Girls made my list and glorified abuse is AWFUL. And Daisy, I used to not like WWII books but I read some recently that I loved and I'm back on that setting.
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  10. I don't like scifi but I do enjoy WW2 stories.

  11. That's funny. I have the opposite opinion on 1st person. I'm happy if I see it. 3rd person has me groaning.

  12. I thought I was going to be alone in my angels and fae dislike. So glad I'm not the only one!

  13. I'm with you on space--just not interested in out of this world settings.

  14. Fae stories have never done it for me either. WWII, on the other hand, is one of my favorite topics to read about. I don't know why since it really is kind of a morbid subject, but the whole time period just fascinates me.

  15. Oh man, animal abuse. I can't do it! I get so mad that I actually feel sick if I have to read about animal abuse. I forgot to put that one on my list. I also tend to skip books if they have a really low rating on Goodreads. lol! Life is too short for bad books. haha

  16. I'm so glad I've found someone else who doesn't like books set in space! I don't even know why, it just doesn't excite me the way it should! Also, preach to the point about abusive males, they are never fun!

  17. Outside of high school required reading, I think I have only read one book set during WWII, The Nightingale. I actually felt this connection to the story, because my father and his family lived like that, but I can understand not wanting to read about war. It's not my go-to time period (I read mostly contemporaries). And as for a book having a low rating on GoodReads, I mean, it's low for a reason. However, I will skim through the reviews to see if the book was actually read by the person rating it.

  18. How did I forget to include animal abuse?!? This should be on mine too. And I can totally understand books with low ratings know GR. It's personal... no right or wrong answers. 😉

  19. How did I forget to include animal abuse?!? This should be on mine too. And I can totally understand books with low ratings know GR. It's personal... no right or wrong answers. 😉

  20. Animal abuse was one of mine and I don't like either one of the WWs. I forgot angels! I hate romance angel stories.


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