Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ten Things We Are Thankful for this Year

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We ladies at the broke and the bookish are thankful for...

Lori is thankful for...
Dry Shampoo--Makes my hair look great, smell great, and let's me be lazy. Win-win-win.

Reducing my wardrobe for neutrals--I can throw together a great outfit with no thought and next to no time. Love it!

Jamie is thankful for...
My dog Finn's health: we had a real big scare with his health this Fall but I'm so thankful that two months later he's doing so much better and is back to himself.

New friends: this past year has brought me a group of girls who I couldn't be more thankful for and have spent so much time with this year. They are the best and I feel supported and loved and encouraged and I just have the best time with them. Plus I love that our husbands all get along so well. It's been one of the best things of 2016.

Bridget is thankful for...

A great job with (mostly) great coworkers who I can actually be friends with. This has been pretty rare for me in most jobs but I really like the people I work with and we hang out occasionally and it's nice to actually have friends. It's been really difficult for me to make friends post-college thanks to introversion and general awkwardness. So yay work friends!

That we will be leaving North Carolina in less than a year. I don't know yet where we're going (we'll find out early next year and move sometime between July and September) but I am so tired of this place. I know that conflicts with what I said above somewhat, but mostly I'm tired of the south itself--it's too hot and too many people introduce themselves and then ask what church you go to >_> and I am ready to be somewhere that is less intrusive like that. Very thankful that our two years here are more than halfway over!

Julia is thankful for...
All of the friends that I have that make me get up and out of the house and hang out with them. I feel like year 29 would have been lonelier without them. I had friends before and I went out with people before, but this year I have just been crazy social. It's nice, even if it takes me away from books. :)

The fact that I have a great job with people I enjoy working with, that gives me the flexibility to take time off when I need to and travel the world when I want to (and sometimes when and where I dont want to). 

My health and the continued health of my family. We are all still alive and moving, despite missing a few pieces, or not being able to eat a few (dozen) things anymore. Overall I can't complained and am blessed.  

Jana is thankful for...
My mom and my sister, who are my biggest supporters and loudest cheerleaders. 


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  2. I love that dry shampoo is on this list. I wouldn’t go camping without it. It makes my hair stop smelling like campfire smoke.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. Seriously, dry shampoo is the very best thing.

    I'm also thankful to all of ya'll, for helping to run this great meme and blog hop!

  4. My name is Jamie and I also have a dog named Finn!! Glad to hear he's doing better :) I am also thankful for my winter wardrobe. It's just all black, all the time.

  5. We all have so many things to be thankful for, don't we? Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life we lose sight of that fact, so it's always good to be reminded of how lucky we are, when you think about it.


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