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Top Ten Things Books Have Made Jamie Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them

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This week's topic -- Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them (inspired by my post wayyy back in 2012 that I did on a TTT freebie week and have so wanting to revisit) 

Hi guys! Jamie here! I decided to tackle this one solo because I actually keep a list of things books make me want to do/learn about/whatever.  It's pretty much a given that any book that has travel in it or a really vivid setting in it has made me want to travel more -- so that's a given to be honest so I won't be including many of those because that could easily have made up my whole list.

So let's get to it:

1. The Memory Book by Lara Avery made me want to start journaling again/try making a Memory Book of sort

In the book she's making a memory book for a different reason that I would be (she has a rare disease that will make her lose her memories and this is how she's trying to fight it) but it made me really want to document life better for myself and for my family and keep a book that is a loose journal/book of memories. I feel like the older I get the less clear memories are (even though some are still super vivid) and I want to document them better. (Read my review for The Memory Book)

2. Wanderlost by Jen Malone made me want to spend more time with the elderly and hear their stories and listen to their wisdom

Obviously this book made me want to travel to all the places she went but the one thing I loved about this book are the elderly characters who were just such real characters that I fell in love with and who make quite the impression on the main character. I realize that without meaning to I kind of just ignore the older folks in my life and just in general. This book really made me heart feel this draw to pay attention to them, learn from them, listen to their stories and just remember they are people who still live full lives. I will say sometimes I think I fear ~getting old~ for many reasons that I shouldn't -- like thinking my life is over -- and maybe that's why I've never been too attentive to elderly because it reminds me of stuff that is hard for me. (My review of Wanderlost)

3. Girl against the Universe by Paula Stokes made me want to look into therapy/counseling 

This might be a little personal but that book, equal bits fluff and hard stuff, made me want to really consider talking to someone. It had such a great and positive portrayal of therapy that it just really felt more appealing to me than ever before. And made me think about how I totally am just in ~manage mode~ with some things in my life and should probably tackle them head on. I read it this summer and haven't made the leap but it definitely got the gears going to really seriously consider giving it a try. (My review of Girl Against the Universe)

4. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys made me 1) want to look more into the maritime disaster that is at the center of this novel but also learn about little known events in history that I didn't learn in school

I graduated college in 2008 and I just craaaave learning. Learning about this huge disaster in this book made me want to research it ASAP (which I did) but it also gave me this curiosity to learn about things in history that maybe I didn't know about before. I was casually listening to Stuff You Missed in History Class but it re-ignited my love for it. (My review of Salt to the Sea)

5. Happiness For Beginners by Katherine Center really made me want to do something that would really challenge me physically and mentally

I haven't figured out what it would be and this intense wilderness program she embarks on does not sound appealing to me AT ALL but it gave this desire to do something that would really test me and push me! It's been on my back burner to think about but writing this post made me decide I need to reallyyyy put some thought into it. I feel like I'm too comfortable and complacent a lot and I want to push myself. (read my review of Happiness For Beginners)

6. The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler really made me want to go sailing/boating in general

The setting for this book is phenomenal and it really made me just want to be on the water. Growing up my one uncle sailed a lot and I LOVED being out on the water and doing that and I can't remember the last time I did that. (My review of The Summer of Chasing Mermaids)

7. The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things by Ann Aguirre made me want to be intentional about being encouraging and kind and cheering people on

One thing I really loved about the main character was how she was really intentional about spreading cheer and encouragement to people in her school and doing random acts of kindness. (My review of The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things)

8. The Status of All Things by Liz Fenton made me want to disconnect a little from social media/lessen the grip of its importance in my life 

This one made me think about a lot of things (would make a nice easy and discuss-able read at a book club with your lady friends) but it definitely made me think about social media, how I use it and how it can affect me. Striving for a more healthy relationship with it all! (More of my thoughts on all this)

9. Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour made me want to go shopping at local flea markets

This one is so random but I remember was so vividly like NEEDING it to be summer because Emi's job is to look for the perfect props for movie sets and stuff and she goes to estate markets and flea markets and it just really made me remember how much I loved going to those kind of things with my friends in college. Even when we were too broke to buy the things we really wanted there was just something about looking at objects that were owned by other people and imagining where they came from. (My review of Everything Leads to You)

10. Brazen by Katherine Longshore made me get back onto my Tudor kick 

I have always been a history fiend, something that my stepdad and I have always bonded over, and reading this book made me remember of my huge Tudor obsession back in college and really made me want to consume everything every to do with King Henry VIII and all his wives. I would always go through waves of what parts of history I would be super into and have to learn all about/read all the fiction from/watch all the documentaries about but this book reminded me why I loved learning about this period so much. (My review of Brazen)

Tell me what things books have made you want to do/learn about/etc!


  1. Thanks for the link-up. This one was fun to do!
    Carol @ journey & destination

  2. My computer is haywire today. I've just typed this really cool reply and it bombed out. SOOOOOO I'm just going to repeat that your posts are VERY bad for my TBR list. It is in serious danger of contracting diabetes so obese it is. I need to read The Memory Book and I love your point 4 - I have a similar one. Let me go write my TTT.

  3. Ooh nice! Those are all new to me reads! So lots of new to me things to do as well! In some sense! Obviously I know what they are! LOL! Great picks!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. This was such a fun theme to think about!

  5. I'm dying to read The Memory Book and weep! Haha. Throne of Glass makes me wanna be a deadly assassin <3

  6. I may end up adding ALL of those. I've got 4 now open in separate windows to check them out in depth. I LOVE this link-up.

  7. Fun list! I'm a bit of a Tudor fan myself, so I might have to check out Brazen!

  8. I am going to repeat everyone above...this was a really FUN topic! I thought it would be hard at first but I even had an extra one. And creating this list and going back thru the books and my reviews brought all those feelings of wanting to do stuff back up to the surface! So thanks for this one. :)

  9. Neat! I just read about "The Memory Book" on another blog too. It sounds really interesting and makes me want to read it.
    A lot of books make me want to travel and experience everything that happened in the book. I've very happily read several books in the country that they were set in, like Switzerland and England and Holland. =)
    Aidyl from Noveltea

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  11. Wanderlost sounds fabulous. I am adding it to Goodreads. I had this Little House obsession going on in fourth grade and I wanted to do all the things. Ha ha. :)

  12. Just wanted to point out what I think is a typo in #10 you wrote, "King Henry VII and all his wives." I think you mean Henry the VIII. Since I pretty sure the Henry VII had only 1 wife. ;-) I am a Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Impersonator and love the Tudor time period as well. Brazen is on my TBR list, and I'm hoping that it and Tarnish will go on sale for Kindle.

    My TTT: http://books.thetechchef.net/top-ten-tuesday-9/


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