Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Top Ten Bookworm Delights

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Top Ten Bookworm Delights (inspired by this post I did on my own blog)

The idea for this post came to me on a day when I was feeling especially blahhhh about book blogging and had kind of been keeping away from social media and the blogosphere in general. I was reading a book under like 5 blankets because it was cold out and I just had this MOMENT where the title was referenced in the story of the book and my heart just near exploded because I love when that kind of stuff comes together and you are like A-HA. It seriously was just that moment that I needed to be like THIS IS WHY I BLOG DUHHH because I just have all these delightfully book nerdy things that make me so happy. They are so random but make me so happy. So this post became kind of an ode to those things but also a reminder for me, one that I've had to remind myself over and over again after 6 years of book blogging, that whenever I feel BLAH or something about book blogging I just need to strip it down to the basics -- and that is always the pure joy I get from reading and being a bookworm. I have never written a post so fast after this whole moment happened because I felt SO inspired and rejuvenated.

 So I kind of hoped, when I extended this to Top Ten Tuesday, that maybe it will be that for you -- a reminder or maybe just something that reconfirms why you all love this so much and why it's so awesome to be in this community with other readers who GET why the smallest things can make our hearts pitter patter when it comes to the bookworm life. And that's about as motivational as I get soooo let's get to it!

Jamie's Picks

1. When your shelf is newly organized and dusted and prettified: Seriously there is nothing more delightful than when I organize my shelves. I feel so satisfied by culling and organizing and just spending time with my books.

2. Being surrounded around other bookworms: I always felt so alone before I started blogging 6 years ago and the first time I went to a book event and met other people LIKE MEEEE I was like OMG WHAT IS LIFE RIGHT NOW. The energy that I get from book club and book signings and book cons and stuff like that. OH MAN.

3. When your book has pretty endpages or something pretty under the dust jacket: I will squeaaaaal like no other when there is something pretty or cool hidden beyond the exterior of the book.

4. When you help someone in the bookstore and  you don't even work there: This happens to me so much. Once when I was on a trip in Grand Rapids a lady asked me for help thinking I worked there and she ended up with a list of like 20 books for her granddaughter and I helped her look for the ones she was looking for. Another time I heard a lady describing a book she was looking for to the employee and the employee was like "hmmm I really don't know." and I KNEW I KNEW. I felt like Hermione raising my hand in the air faster than anything and I was had to compose myself and find some sort of chill and I was like "Hi sorry to bother but I actually know what book you are talking about" and all rejoiced! Seriously though...maybe I should just work at a bookstore.

5. When you don't rage during your commute because audiobooks keep your zen: No but seriously it's the only way I can survive my commute.

Daisy's Picks 
6. Book club: seriously, my club is the awesomest ever! I love meeting up with these ladies who basically know all the series/books I talk about and can spot all the references and geek out with me and just LOVE! I love how we scare the other people at the restaurants we grace with our presence :)

7 How I'm basically never bored: I pretty much always carry a book with me and BOOM instant entertainment. I mean, hours of travel mean NOTHING to me if I can just read while on the plane/train/anywhere.

8. Finding a pop culture reference in a novel: I love when there are inside jokes about other books/movies/TV series in books because I smile when I get them :)

9. Participating in a readathon: Dewey's 24-hour readathon is my favourite thing that comes twice a year! I love that feeling of community I get when I know that all over the world there are readers joining in on this one day dedicated to reading, I feel so connected to everyone! It's particularly fun because we've turned it into a book club sleepover event :)
10. Wearing bookish socks with neat/fancy outfits: I love knowing that I'm wearing Harry Potter socks beneath the cloths I wear to work even if noone else can see them. I don't know exactly why, but it just makes me smile.

Tell us the things that delight you!! 


  1. This is such a *happy* topic, you guys! Looking forward to seeing everyone's thoughts. And I'm super jealous that you do a book club sleepover for the read-a-thon.

  2. Oh I forgot about the delightful surprises such as gorgeous endpapers or pretty covers underneath the jackets!! Those are happy surprises!!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. I didn't expect to love this topics as much as I have! Reading all of these gives me the warm and fuzzies!

  4. This was such a fun topic, I spent all day thinking of things to add!

  5. Good ones!!! I love the one about never being bored. That is SO TRUE!!

  6. Sometimes I like getting stuck in traffic because it means more time with my audiobook!

    My FF

  7. I love this week’s topic. I had so much fun with it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  8. This is my first time doing it on this blog I think! Thank you for hosting! I can't wait to go read other's ideas :D

  9. Yes yes yes! to all of these! :)

  10. This is a great topic, I love reading everyone's lists. It makes me even more happy to be a bookworm :)
    Also, a big YES to ALL the points on this list!

  11. Ha, #4, yes! Happens to me a lot, somehow. If only I could put it on my CV...

  12. Pretty much all of these should be on my list lol - especially the little pretty details behind the dust jacket and helping people at bookstores even though I don't work there!

  13. Doh! I love finding a surprise under the dust jacket, and attending my book club meetings. I can't believe I forgot to add those. Love the list!


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