Monday, April 4, 2016

Daisy Talks About Bookish Accessories

So this is partly inspired by this post that Jamie had on her blog in August, because it led me to the world of bookish accesories and is pretty awesome all around! :)

I LOVE bookish accessories. Ever since discovering there is such a thing as Society6 and Etsy and basically SO MANY things on Amazon, I've been slowly gathering some stuff to make my life a little more bookish. If all the full shelves and ereader didn't give it away, these things might.

Some of my favourites that I actually own:

Right now I'm still coveting some bookish pillows, the ones that actually look like books, you know? Mostly this one:

But the crafty creator of this also has the best Harry Potter book pillows and I want them ALL. Let's just say that the boyfriend isn't on board with this (yet). And I've seen people wearing awesome necklaces and other types of jewelry and I just love it all!

And also this is the cutest thing ever and I will proceed to buy this for all of my bookish friends when they have kids:

So, how about you? Do you like to add bookish accessories to your outfit/home? If so, let me know what your favourite is or what you're currently coveting :)


  1. I like the bag. I also love bookish accessories! You should definitely check out Out of Print Clothing if you haven't already done so! They have really cool stuff and I actually own a tote bag and T-shirt from them!

  2. Hi!!
    I love the snuggle, it is so cute :)
    Best :D!

  3. THAT ONESIE! So cute! I've never seen it before, so thank you for sharing!

  4. I need a Harry Potter pillow! I do have a bit of bookish goodies; they are so fun. It's addicting though. I want it alllll.


  5. Ohmygoooood.. the mugs! And that cute bookish pillow!!! >.<

  6. I want all the bookish things! My favourites from your collection is the awesome infinity scarf and those mugs. Last year I bought a red "Talk Nerdy To Me" tote bag, which I absolutely adore and a Kate Spade travel mug that has a book design all over it.

  7. I love bookish accessories and always end up wanting them all!! I'm slowly but surely building up my collection.

  8. I love those book pillows! She has an Alice in Wonderland one that is so cute and I want it so badly and I am so broke. The front flap of the pillow opens and the first page of the book is printed on the plush inside. I want them all so badly.

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  10. I don't really have any bookish accessories but this make some want some sooo bad!

  11. Agree with Shannon! I do not know what is a mighty power that draw my eyes to your photos and products but they are badly beautiful! My team from here supposes you're a genuine talent!


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