Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ten Bookish Accounts To Follow On Social Media

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Today we are talking about all our favorite bookish accounts to follow. 


* Jamie recommends The Readables: Before Booktube was ~Booktube~ she was one of the few bookish vloggers I followed after she did my End of Year Reading survey way back when in one of the first years I did it. She's super creative and honest and reads a variety of books and I enjoy her thoughtful discussions and the way she talks about books.

* Jamie recommends Books and Quills: This bookish vlogger is newer to me but I've been thoroughly enjoying her videos!


* Jamie recommends @emerylord: Author Emery Lord, one of my favorite authors btw, has the best Twitter account. She's funny and personable and gives a great ~behind the scenes~ that makes you feel like you know her/want to be best friends with her but she also does a great job promoting her books and other authors. It's just this fun blend. I'm always howling with laughter from her random tweets but also so engaged and nodding my head when she talks about diversity or mental illness. Plus I feel like she's super honest about author life that if I were an aspiring author I'd be listening for sure. Honestly, I wish all authors on Twitter could have the sort of perfect blend that Emery has. It's fun and frivolous, important and relevant and makes me love her all the more. Plus DOG PICS.

* Jana recommends @maureenjohnson: Maureen is absolutely hilarious, just like her books! I love reading what she has to say and I usually can't stop laughing.


* Jamie recommends @seelieknight: Her feed is one of my all time faves. It's gorgeous. Just SO GORGEOUS. I love the balance of cozy indoor pics with outdoors scenes that make me want to go exploring.

* Jana recommends @Lisa_LostInLit: Lisa's feed is so bookish and pretty! She posts pictures of books in the prettiest settings, plus all the fun bookish goodies she has.

* Lauren recommends @beautyandthebookshelf: Rachel is the #bookstagrammer you will aspire to be. She is down to earth, offers up real book reviews and will go an extra 10 miles for a great photo. She may be the literary envy of all photographers. Her photos just light up my newsfeed.

* Lauren recommends @thepagemistress: Lindsey is one of those #bookstagrammers who you live vicariously through. Her photos are breathless and she is one hell of a nice girl. 


* Jamie recommends EpicReads: I'm sure everyone loves and knows Epic Reads all over the internet but Margot has really outdone herself (at least I'm assuming it's Margot running their Snapchat) on Snapchat. Hilarious bookish snaps every day.

* Jamie recommends missjennyhan: Author Jenny Han is the best to follow on Snapchat. From desserts to her travels to talking about random things...her snaps always make my day better.


* Bridget recommends Book Riot: It is a great site for a ton of reasons, but its particular strength is in how it always strives for diversity -- both in who writes for them and what books they feature. If you're looking to get into some diverse books that you might not have thought of before, as well as read some fun generally-bookish posts, Book Riot is the place to do it!

* Lauren recommends Two Chicks on Books: This is old school book blogging at it's finest. Jamie has been blogging at this site for over 5 years and she knows her books. She has evolved from a book blogger to the Publicity & Marketing Director at Month9Books! Talk about hard work paying off! But truly, she has genuine book reviews, giveaways... she is always doing features on new books that you end up adding to your everlasting TBR pile. Jamie is also a host of the Rockstar Book Tours, which is a website where you can sign up to be a part of a book tour that features newly released books. Jamie pretty much does it all and does it well. Kudos, Jamie!

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  1. Hmm.. I'm not seeing the linky?

  2. Great list. I'll definitely have to check out those Bookstagram accounts!

  3. Ooh nice list!! I just stuck with Instagram for this one and I even picked one of the same people you did!!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. This is such a good list! I love that you added snapchat as well! And I'm always looking for more bookstagram accounts to follow.
    I definitely second following Emery Lord on twitter, she's fabulous!

  5. Great list! Headed now to follow these bookstagrammers. Those are so beautiful pics!

  6. Books and Quills is one of my favorite BookTubers. I don’t watch a lot of vlogs because I prefer blogs, but I like that channel.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  7. This is such a lovely topic :D Thank you for making it. <3 And I love reading about all the people you shared about. <3 Lovely post :)

  8. Thanks for this, I love following these accounts, people's passion for reading really rubs off on me!

  9. A great list, I always like finding new people to follow on Booktube and I am seriously thinking about snapchat now! Even if I didnt do my own snaps I would enjoy watching others. Also I FINALLY added my link, I am always forgetting, at least this time I remembered... by Friday LOL


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