Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Top Series I Need to Finish

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Top Ten Tuesday Freebie Week

Top Series I Need to Finish/Catch-up With

1. The Pennyroyal Green Series by Julie Anne Long
I swear I have been catching up to this series for two years now. I've always been books and books behind, but now I am only one off the latest release. So this one is doable!

2. The Darkest London Series by Kristen Callihan
I love this series and it is almost unheard of that I have not read the most recent in the series. In fact I may even be two books behind! I am not entirely sure, which makes it worse.

3. The Iron Seas Series by Meljean Brook
I read the first book in this series probably three years ago. I liked it enough, but never was able to get my hands on the second one. Now I have been told that the third or forth is the best one, but I am so far behind I feel like I will never get to it. This series is one of my goals this year... that so far I have not even touched yet. Sigh.

4. The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger
This series is finished and have been finished for at least a year. I am still either one book three or book four. I really want to delve into this and read the whole thing in a glomp. I think that would work out the best.

5. The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth
I've heard so many things (in a general sense not a spoiler sense) about the last book in this series. I want to get to it so bad so I can go back and read all the kerfuffle that happened when it came out. I just recently read Divergent so I don't know when I will get to the other two. Hopefully soon so I wont forget all the main points of the plot.

6. The Spymaster Series by Joanna Bourne
This is another one of those series where I read the first book, loved it, and then never picked up the second. I need to get on that!

7. The Gentleman of Scottland Yard Series by Jillian Stone
I read the first book in this series a long time ago and praised it for its ingenuity in a historical romance genre of sameness. I love reading stories set in something that is not uppercrust Regency England, so I really must continue this series.

8. The Brothers Sinister Series by Courtney Milan
Courtney Milan is a hit and miss author for me, but I loved both the novella that started this series and book one proper. The second and third books are out and I have them on my computer. I just need to carve some time for them.

9. The Beyond Series by Kit Rocha
I dont read a lot of erotic romance, but book one in this series, Beyond Shame, was really good. I loved the world in which it was set, and the romance wasn't half bad either. I know at least two more books have been published, but again I am behind the times.

10. The Veiled Seduction Trilogy by Heather Snow
I won the first book in a giveaway a while back and thought that the heroine was super interesting. She was a lady scientist in a historical settings, and I believe the other two books are of a similar vein. So I of course need to read these ones as well.

So what about you guys? What is your pick for this weeks topic? There are sure to be some creative links in this one, so hop around and get some ideas!


  1. Interesting topic! I still haven't finished Divergent either though I read the first two before Allegiant came out, I just haven't gotten around to it yet, the last book in trilogy's always frighten me because I worry that they will end bad. =) I chose Bromances for this week!

  2. I haven't read any of these, but my daughter loved the Divergent series. There are so many series I haven't caught up with yet. I truly need to be alone on a deserted island with only my books for at least a year.

    I decided to chat about 10 books that I unexpectedly enjoyed.

  3. Ahhh....The Parasol Protectorate series! I really, really want to read those books this summer. I adore Carriger's Finishing School books so far (like, a lot!) and really crave more books set in that world. Now, that the Parasol books are finished it'll make it easier for me to read knowing that I won't have to wait for the next one. :)

  4. I think i need to find my e-book reader and finally go back to read my Stephen King's novel

  5. Amazing topic idea, if I were to do it, it would be 'Top Hundred' haha!

    Check out my TTT!

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

  6. Ah yes, Divergent. I really loved the first book so I don't know why I haven't read Insurgent yet.. I need to remedy this! :P

    - Ellie of The Reading Slump

  7. Yes, you totally need to read the Parasol Protectorate series. I love that series and the final book was simply amazing.

    My TTT

  8. It is hard to keep up with a series, especially a current series that you have to wait on the next book. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  9. I picked the same topic! I really hate to be negative about books that I did not enjoy, but I really struggle with recommending Divergent because I was so disappointed with Allegiant. I hope you have a better experience with the series than I did! ~Megan

  10. I have literally just finished listening to the Parasol Protectorate series on audiobook. I just mowed straight through all of them. I love them.

  11. The Divergent series is high on my list, especially since a side series with Four is supposed to be coming out.

  12. Nice choice of topic! And there are some series there I need to check out, if I ever have the time. If I were answering the same questions, on my list would be Naomi Novik's Temeraire series (OK, I'm only 2 behind!); Deborah Crombie's Kincaid and James mysteries; Kristen Britain's Green Rider series (also 2 behind, but the 5th one's coming out and they are all chunksters); Jaqueline Winspear's Maisie Dobbs mysteries; Charles Finch's Charles Lenox mysteries; Robin Owen's Heartmate series; Karen Amanda Hooper's Kindrily series; Tamora Pierce's Circle Reforged series... yeah, I could keep going, but those will keep me plenty busy!

  13. Thank you very much for doing this. It's been on my radar for awhile, and I published my first Top Ten Tuesday today. It'll be a while before I can work it into my regular schedule, but I'm following along and will make it a feature soon.

    The linky is very useful, too. I'm always on the lookout for new bloggers to meet.

  14. I need to finish Gail Carriger's series too! I didn't know the series was actually finished...

  15. It does suck to get behind on a series, especially when you like the first book but never get around to the others in the series. Then you look up and there are 6 new books in that series and catching up seems impossible.

    I hope you are able to read some of these series this year.

  16. Oh the Divergent series... I have such mixed feelings, but admittedly that was one I couldn't stop reading. I have been stuck on the Thoughtless series for a little while now. I also want to read the next book in Contours of the Heart now that Breakable is out. I am one of the few who has not read the Harry Potter series, just watched all the movies (gasp!). Usually I refuse to see a movie without having read the book first. :) I should probably add that to my list to start and finish.

    Thanks for the post!


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