Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ten Bookish Halloween Costumes We'd Love to Wear

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Happy Halloween! We at The Broke and the Bookish hope you have a safe night tonight, filled with tricks, treats, and good times! For our Halloween freebie we've chosen to pick some bookish Halloween costumes we'd love to wear. We're excited to see which topics you all chose to do!

Julia's Picks:

1. Harry Potter and friends - how could a list about bookish Halloween costumes not have these guys on it. So many choices in this universe! Enough even for a family costume.

2. Superman - yes, comic books are bookish. And Superman is my favorite superhero.

3. Game of Thrones ladies - I guess the men would also be cool, but those ladies! Dany or Brienne or Arya. Kickass ladies, Kickass costumes.

4. Katniss from Hunger Games - is it still cool to be Katniss? I'd still like to be her.

5. Lyra from His Dark Materials - and I would carry around a stuffed animal to be my daemon. Or maybe take my dog around

Kimberly's Pick:

6. Mary Poppins - I dressed up as Mary Poppins a couple years ago.

Jana's Picks:

7. Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles - I actually love everyone from this series, and think it would be super fun to dress up as any of them!

8. Feyre from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series - I think it would be so much fun to dress up as a beautiful fae! And Feyre has some really pretty dresses that I'd love to try on.

9. Nancy Drew - I'd love to don a blonde wig and dress up like our favorite classic, preppy mystery-solving teen. I'm thinking a cute plaid skirt and a cardigan over a white button-up with a Peter Pan collar.

10. Alina from The Grisha Trilogy - Grisha fashion is amaaaazing. I want to wear a pretty gold Sun Summoner kefta.

Which bookish costume would you love to wear tonight?



  1. It just dawned on me that my daughter's two choices for costume are technically both from characters who were first featured in books! Of course, she has to put her own spin on things and make up her own name. LOL

    Great list for today!

  2. There are SO many fun choices on this list. Love that Nancy Drew and Superman made the list as well as Katniss (it's always cool to wanna' be Katiss). Someday I simply MUST read those Lunar Chronicles too. :)

  3. Hey guys! I'm looking forward to seeing all of ur lists. I decided i'd go with book VILLAINS cause who would want to mess with these guys!
    I want Kaleesi's outfits. All of them.

  4. Nancy drew is one of my faves, and would be on the easy side too.

  5. Some of the dresses in Game of Thrones are so beautiful it'd be a lot of fun to wear one of them. Happy Halloween!

  6. OOoh I like these costume ideas!! One of my cousin's kids was Mary Poppins this year! It was so cute!! And ironically her sister dressed as Harry Potter too! Lol!!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  7. I'd love to be Kell just for that coat!

  8. I like this idea for a prompt! We do this at school the week before Halloween.


  9. Great ideas. The Grisha Universe is amazing, I`ve always been fascinated by their costumes.

    Carmen / Carmen`s Reading Corner

  10. Daenerys and Cersei (love to hate her!) have the best dresses! I'd love to dress up as either of them.

  11. I’d love to be one of the ladies from Game of Thrones! They’re all so badass, even the evil ones.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  12. Nancy Drew would be a fun costume! Too bad I look awful as a blond. And Mary Poppins is on my list of costumes to make.

    And I'm wearing a Harry Potter costume today! Some friends and I made Quiddich outfits for the Book 7 book release, so I'm wearing that. I hope work doesn't mind that I brought in my racing broom.

  13. The Lyra idea is AMAZING! I also would love to be one of the GoT ladies...as long as someone else did all the complicated braiding stuff

  14. That's a fun spin on the topic. Wish I'd thought of it! Have a great week. - Katie

  15. Lyra from His Dark Materials is such a good costume idea!

  16. Dressing up as HP characters is definitely one of my must-do halloween costume, even though there are already plenty of them :D I'd love to dress up as Grisha too, their keftas are amazing!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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