Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What I've Been Doing While I Haven't Been Reading

Confession--I haven't been reading much lately at all.  Since May, I've finished two books that I can remember, but I highly doubt I've read more.  The two books I did read were ones I really enjoyed--Go Set a Watchman and All the Light We Cannot See.  I usually spend my free time reading, but I just haven't done that.  I haven't even been reading magazines.  This has left me wondering what the sam holy hill I HAVE been doing this summer...

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Making lots of eye contact with him.  This was a lot of fun...


Playing shuffleboard.  I've actually gotten quite good.

Sitting by the pool.  A lot.  A whole lot.

Making several new friends.

Making periodic attempts to start running and/or doing yoga regularly.

Getting addicted to mai tais and Fireball whiskey.

Learning how to spell whiskey.  General rule of thumb--If the country has an "e," whiskey has an e; if it doesn't, it's whisky.  Ireland--whiskey; Canada--whisky.

Studying for the LSAT.

Taking the LSAT.

Letting him pull me around the pool on a floatie.  Seriously--best way to travel!.

A fun weekend at the lake.

Getting him to fall in love with me while I fell in love with him.  Not as difficult as I thought it would be.

A couple of baseball games.

A great Midsummer's Night party.  Champagne, lovely romantic toasts, shuffleboard, dancing with the one you love.

Waiting impatiently on my LSAT score, but also being kinda glad I didn't know yet.

An amazing trip to Indianapolis.

Working on my law school application.

Avoiding working on my law school application.  This was pretty easy...

Thinking maybe I'll just put off law school for a semester or a year.


Wishing I wasn't working.

Wishing I could just quit my job.  Seriously.

Scrambling to get my law school application in on time.

Horseback riding.

Playing the dutiful daughter and granddaughter.  Sometimes easier said than done.

And somewhere in there I did read those two books.  I've started several.  I have made some progress on Moby Dick, which I've decided I'm going to finish by the time I start law school and fun reading time as I know it becomes even more scarce than it already has been.

What have you been doing this summer when you haven't been reading?


  1. I haven't read much this summer either. I've been doing all the things j can't do all year long.

  2. It still sounds like you had a lot of fun this summer, it seems like you've been basically living a romance. Sometimes you just need a break from reading.

  3. Taking care of my kid, swimming, seeing friends, and prepping for what I'm teaching this school year. Sounds like this summer might be the best summer of your life! Law school? Things are getting real!

  4. taking care of my kids -walking for screen time- stay cations around town.

  5. I love this post, Lori! You sound so happy, and this summer of yours sounds like it's been pretty dreamy! I'm so happy about this!

  6. "Getting him to fall in love with me while I fell in love with him." I love this. Best of luck with law school applications!

  7. First week back at work, August of 2001. In line to pick up some paperwork. The teacher in front of me asks, "How was your summer?" I respond, "Great!" She smiles at me and asks, "And what is his name?" I blush and ask her how she knew. We got married that December. The summer we fell in love will always be one of my most cherished memories. Way better than any book. Good for you!

  8. thanks for information about What I've Been Doing While I Haven't Been Reading. You sound so happy


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