Saturday, July 8, 2017

New Top Ten Tuesday Topics For When We Resume In August

Hey everyone! Jamie here! As promised, whilst on maternity leave and waiting for this baby to come out (ahh my due date is in 3 days),  I have put together some new topics for when we resume Top Ten Tuesday officially!

And I'll even do you a solid and post them here so you don't even HAVE to go over to the tab that says Top Ten Tuesday :)

August 15Ten book recommendations for ______________: (Skies the limit here...examples: for Hufflepuffs, for fans of Game of Thrones, for people who don't normally read YA, for animal lovers, for video game lovers, etc.
August 22: Back To School Freebie: anything "back to school" related like 10 favorite books I read in school, books I think should be required reading, Required Reading For All Fantasy Fans, required reading for every college freshman, Books to Pair With Classics or Books To Complement A History Lesson, books that would be on my classroom shelf if I were a teacher, etc.
August 29: Ten Hidden Gem Books in X Genre: Pick a genre and share with us some books that have gone under the radar in that genre!
September 5: Ten Books I Struggled to Get Into But Ended Up Loving or Ten Books That Were A Chore To Get Through or Ten Books I've Most Recently Put Down (the theme is...books you had a hard time with...tweak it how ever you need)
September 12: Throwback Freebie: Ten Books I Loved During The First Year I Started My Blog, Favorite Books Published 5 or 10 or 15 Years Ago, Ten Older Books I Forgot How Much I Loved, etc. etc. Tweak however you want!
September 19: Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR List
September 26:  Ten Books That Feature Characters ____________: Examples: Ten books that feature black main characters, characters who hold interesting jobs, characters who have a mental illness, characters that are adopted, characters that play sports, etc, etc. Can't wait to see what you all come up with! the event that you are coming up with your own Top Ten Tuesday posts while we are on's a linky to share them with us and others in the meantime!


  1. AH!! You're so close! Wishing you an as comfortable as possible last few days and a quick delivery!

  2. I really like your blog!

    I gave your blog a follow, and I would truly appreciate it if you could check out my book reviews blog located at and possibly give it a follow as well! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

    - El

  3. Aww only 3 days?! That's exciting! I hope everything goes smoothly for you, and it's a quick delivery.

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy once again- and I hope you have as painless a delivery as possible!

  5. - Hey everyone! Jamie here! As promised, whilst on maternity leave and waiting for this baby to come out (ahh my due date is in 3 days), I have ...



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